Grandma Feared Grandson Prior To Shooting

A grandma involved in a fatal shooting said she feared her grandson during testimony on Wednesday.

Sandra Layne is accused of shooting her 17-year-old grandson Jonathan Hoffman after he reportedly kicked her in the stomach and demanded money.

Since the grandma feared what her grandson would do if she didn’t take action, 75-year-old Layne allegedly fired 10 shots at the teenager. The boy was shot six times. Reports indicate that several shots occurred while the teenager was on the phone with police.

Layne testified on Wednesday that she didn’t want to kill her grandson. However, she said his behavior changed shortly after she took him into her home. Layne said the 17-year-old’s involvement with drugs drastically changed his behavior.

Layne spent over an hour answering questions from her defense attorney on Wednesday. She is accused of first-degree murder.

Hoffman reportedly flunked a drug test on the day of the shooting. Since he was in violation of his probation, the teenager decided to flee. He wanted around $2,000 and the keys to his grandmother’s car.

When she failed to give him what he wanted, Hoffman kicked Layne in the stomach.

“I went into my bedroom and started looking for the gun. I wanted him to pay attention to me. He had to listen. It wasn’t a conversation. It was arguing. Swearing,” Layne testified.

Sandra Layne said she “adored” her grandson and still loved him. However, her lawyer stated that Hoffman’s use of synthetic marijuana allegedly altered his behavior and personality to a point where she became terrified of him.

Cross examination in the case is expected to resume on Thursday.

What do you think about the grandma who feared her grandson to the point that she felt compelled to shoot him?

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