Megyn Kelly Blasts Matthew Dowd, ABC Political Analyst, Says He Should Try To ‘Report Fairly’ Like Her

Former NBC News personality Megyn Kelly and ABC News Political Analyst Matthew Dowd went after each other on Twitter in a back-and-forth about Kelly’s journalistic ethics and her previous coverage of the #MeToo movement.

Early Saturday, the former Megyn Kelly Today show host put the ABC News personality on blast following his assertions that she didn’t speak up against claims of sexual harassment at Fox News. Kelly has recently spoken out against her previous employer, NBC News, following recent revelations published in former NBC News journalist Ronan Farrow’s book Catch and Kill. Those revelations allege that network executives attempted to stifle Farrow’s reporting about Harvey Weinstein.

The spat began when the ABC News political analyst sent a tweet Saturday morning, which has since been deleted. In a response, which remained on the social media website even after Dowd seemingly deleted his tweet, Kelly said that while she could “enjoy [her] money” (a likely nod to her settlement package with NBC News), she has chosen to speak out about sexual harassment.

“Yes, I could just sit back and ‘enjoy my money,’ @matthewjdowd, but instead I’ve chosen to speak up for women being harassed and abused who have been muzzled by NDAs,” Kelly tweeted. “Sorry you find that so annoying.”

In response, Dowd seemed to imply that Kelly was only interested in bashing NBC News.

“Megyn, i am all for that, and if you read my feed you would know that,” he said. “However, did you stand up for Christine Blasey Ford, Anita Hill, and all the accusers of President Trump? Also, i know you are blasting NBC, but i don’t see you saying much about Fox.”

Kelly then pointed Dowd to her book, Settle For More, in which she said she devoted an entire chapter to the culture of sexual misconduct at Fox News. Kelly also reminded the ABC News analyst about the upcoming movie, Bombshell, in which Kelly will be portrayed by Charlize Theron and which will show her “standing up for the women at Fox.” Finally, the former Kelly File anchor said that she didn’t speak out for Christine Blakey-Ford, who last year leveled assault allegations against then Supreme Court appointee Brett Kavanaugh, because she was reporting on her fairly without taking sides, a move she urged Dowd to try.

In a final tweet, Dowd said that he wished Kelly well, but charged that he valued her objectivity over hers, citing her past employment at Fox News.

In response, Kelly seemed to imply that she was owed an apology.

“I think the words you’re looking for are “I’m sorry, I was wrong.” Apology accepted!”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kelly appears to be attempting to work her way back onto television following being ousted from NBC News last year due to controversial comments she made about blackface. The former Fox News host returned to her former television home earlier this week for an interview with the network’s Tucker Carlson.

Kelly is also reportedly eyeing a more permanent return to the news media by launching her own production company. Per a previous report from The Inquisitr, Kelly is looking for studio space to launch her own video podcast in time for the 2020 election.

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