Support For Donald Trump Impeachment Tops 50 Percent In Average Of All Polls, Even 13 Percent Of GOP In Favor

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After a recent poll by Fox News showed a record 51 percent of Americans now supporting not only the impeachment of Donald Trump but his actual removal from office, Trump took to Twitter to declare that Fox News polls “suck.”

When a New York Post analysis supposedly found flaws in the poll, as The Inquisitr reported, Trump took the opportunity to denounce The New York Times for publishing a report based on the allegedly faulty poll. But new data shows not only that the Fox News poll was not flawed, but in a statistical average of every poll on Trump’s impeachment ever taken — well over 100 polls dating back to January of 2017, just days after Trump’s inauguration — support for impeachment now tops 50 percent.

Prior to October 15, according to the polling average compiled by the data site, support for impeaching Trump always hovered below the 50 percent mark.

But in late September when news “snowballed” about Trump’s attempt to strong-arm the president of Ukraine into staging an “investigation” of Trump’s potential 2020 election opponent, former United States Vice President Joe Biden, support for impeaching Trump began a rapid rise from around 43 percent to the 50.2 percent mark attained on Tuesday.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the official impeachment inquiry into Trump’s conduct regarding Ukraine on September 24, around the time the average of all impeachment polls began shooting up. In the 21 days since, support for impeachment has risen approximately seven percentage points.

Nancy Pelosi appears at a press conference.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump on September 24.Featured image credit: Zach GibsonGetty Images

The supposed New York Post analysis of the Fox News poll that claimed the poll to be faulty has, itself, been found to be faulty, according to a new analysis by The Washington Post, published on Tuesday.

The New York Post analysis claimed that the Fox News poll included far too many Democrats — 48 percent, where “the actual breakdown of party affiliation is 31 percent Democrat, 29 percent Republican and 38 percent independent,” the analysts said, citing a Gallup polling survey.

“The assumption about what Gallup shows is itself wrong,” responded Washington Post columnist Philip Bump, noting that because most independents consistently vote with either Democrats or Republicans, “Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents make up 49 percent of the population — about where the Fox News poll had them.”

Nonetheless, Trump on his Twitter account claimed that there had been a “correction” to the Fox News poll. But no such correction was issued because, as Bump explained, no correction was necessary.

On Tuesday morning, Bump noted, the Fox News results were largely confirmed in a new poll issued by Scott Rasmussen — the founder of Rasmussen Reports, which has long ranked among the pollsters Trump most often cites favorably. In the Scott Rasmussen poll, 50 percent said they favored impeachment.

That number is closely in line not only with the earlier Fox News poll, but with the average of all polls — an average which also showed that 13 percent of Republicans, more than one of every 10, now support Trump’s impeachment.