Donald Trump Tweets ‘Impeach the Pres’ While Announcing Strong Income & Job Numbers

Matt SullivanGettty Images

Donald Trump appeared to call for his own impeachment in a tweet on Thursday, in which he wrote “Impeach the Pres” with neither exposition nor context, HuffPost reports.

In a tweet that HuffPost writer David Moye describes as lamenting not being given credit for strong economic numbers, Trump tweeted some recent statistics that he described as “tough numbers for the Radical Left Democrats to beat!”

But the final three words of the tweet left Moye scratching his head.

“Impeach the Pres.”

Trump didn’t explain what he meant by that, nor did he put it into any context, such as saying “… but Democrats still want to Impeach the Pres” or something similar.

Twitter users are trying to make sense of it. One, for example, wrote the following.

“Ummm, OK,” with an emoji representing a confused face. Another suggested that an intern has “gone rogue.”

Another cited poll numbers, responding to Trump that the American people are in agreement with Trump on the matter.

Of course, whether or not Trump was actually calling for his own impeachment is known only to him, but it seems unlikely.

As Red State reported in June, Trump’s tweeting style generally reflects an urgency, a desire to get his message out as quickly as possible, whether or not he’s had time to think through what he wants to say.

“He wants to hit the twitter app and push to 280 characters as fast as he can to roll back the narrative,” says writer T. LaDuke.

LaDuke similarly points out that Trump’s tweeting style isn’t informed by convention, and that his brash and off-the-cuff tweets endear him to his base.

As such, it wouldn’t be out of character for Trump to tweet a series of words that makes sense only to him.

Or maybe Trump genuinely wants to be impeached. This suggestion has been raised before. As CNN reported at the time, back in May, long before the Ukraine scandal broke and back when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was still lukewarm at best on impeachment, Pelosi suggested that Trump wanted to be impeached. Similarly, other Democrats also suggested that Trump wanted to be impeached, believing that Democrats trying — and failing — to have Trump removed from office would be an arrow in Trump’s quiver to be brought out in the 2020 election. Further, tying up the House of Representatives in impeachment proceedings would have taken Democrats’ attention away from other issues in their agenda.