Vehicle In Deadly Teen Crash Was Stolen

The vehicle involved in a deadly teen crash was stolen, according to authorities. The horrific accident claimed the lives of six teenagers early Sunday morning in Warren, Ohio.

Eight teenagers were inside the sports utility vehicle when it flipped over a guardrail on a stretch of road known to residents as “Dead Man’s Curve.” The car landed and became submerged in a nearby pond, killing six of the teen passengers on board. Yesterday, the owner of the vehicle reported it stolen after speaking with investigators.

According to a spokesperson from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the vehicle is registered to 33-year-old Marquis A. Stephenson, of Youngstown. The owner reportedly had no relation to any of the teens involved in the crash.

Many details surrounding the fatal accident remain unclear, including the reason the eight teens — all between the ages of 14 and 19 — were traveling at such an early hour.

Police have not confirmed where the group was traveling from or what destination they were headed to when the fatal accident occurred. Monday’s conclusion that the vehicle in the deadly teen crash was stolen only seems to deepen the mystery.

A few of the teens reportedly told their parents they were spending the night at a sleepover with friends. However, some parents now speculate that the group may have been attending a party.

According to police reports, the stolen vehicle was driven by 19-year-old Alexis Cayson. Seven male teenage passengers were packed inside the Honda Passport, which is reportedly designed to seat five people.

While authorities have not confirmed if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the deadly accident, they have publicly speculated that accelerated speed was likely responsible for sending the vehicle crashing over the guardrail. The reported speed limit at the accident site is 35 mph.

The vehicle involved in the deadly teen crash was reportedly stolen from Youngstown, roughly 20 miles from Warren — the town where each of the accident victims lived. The Honda Passport’s registered owner, Marquis Stephenson, reportedly claims no relation to any of the teens and stated to police that they did not have permission to take his vehicle.

Ohio authorities continue to investigate how the vehicle in the deadly teen crash was stolen and all of the key factors which caused the tragedy.