September 24, 2019
Woman Gives Birth To Baby With Four Legs & Three Hands

An Indian woman gave birth to a baby girl with four legs and three hands on Friday, according to a Twitter post from The Daily Mail.

The Sun reported that doctors think that the mother, Raju Gurjar, 24, might have been expecting triplets, but at some point in her pregnancy, two of the babies became conjoined. Gurjar also gave birth to a twin baby boy.

The extra pair of legs and arms on the girl are located on her chest and abdomen, and she is surprisingly in stable condition.

Rohitesh Meena, who delivered the babies at a hospital in Rajasthan, said the boy was healthy, but the girl had breathing issues when she was born.

"We put her on oxygen support and her vitals are stable now," he said, adding that they have referred the girl to a hospital in Jaipur that is better equipped to deal with her delicate condition.

This was Gurjar's first pregnancy. She did not get an ultrasound at any point while she was pregnant and, consequently, did not know she was carrying twins -- or triplets.

Gurjar and her husband were reportedly distressed about the girl's condition, but the situation is not a hopeless one. The Sun reported that doctors believe that the limbs can be surgically removed.

Doctors also think that this could be the first case in which two of three triplets were born conjoined, according to The Sun.

The baby girl suffered from polymelia, a birth defect in which a baby is born with more than the normal amount of limbs. In most cases, the extra limbs are shrunken, as they were with Gurjar's little girl.

Oddly enough, she was not the first baby to be born with extra limbs.

In 2017, a boy in Iraq was born with eight limbs — two extra arms and legs located on his stomach and lower abdomen. The Sun reported that the boy's parents sought help from medical professionals in India. Over a course of three months, doctors were able to successfully remove the extra limbs.

The boy's parents said the surgery had given their son a new life.

The Sun reported that polymelia is a rare condition. Sometimes it results from a partial development of twins in the womb where one twin "degenerates" and leave behind limbs, which then attach to the remaining twin. The genetic mutation can also be inherited as well as caused by toxins and infections while the fetus is developing.

Polymelia also occurs in animals. As The Inquisitr previously reported, a bull calf in China was born with a fully developed leg on its back.