September 12, 2019
White Couple Sues Fertility Clinic After Wife Gives Birth To Asian Daughter In IVF Mix-Up, Leading To Divorce

A white couple from New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against a fertility clinic after an IVF mishap led to the wife giving birth to a girl with "Asian features" -- which eventually contributed to their divorce.

Kristina Koedderich and Drew Wasilewski are suing the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science after they welcomed a daughter through IVF in 2013 and came to realize that she looked nothing like the husband. As reported, the couple took a DNA test that showed Drew was not the girl's biological parent.

As the report noted, the child also inherited a genetic blood disorder that is associated with Southeast Asian heritage, which neither parent carried. The couple claimed in a lawsuit that after spending close to $500,000 in fertility treatments, they were left with a "nightmare scenario" and said the stress was a major factor in their divorce.

"Even though they love her, they were entitled to have a child with both of their genes," said attorney David Mazie, who is representing the couple.

The couple claimed that Drew was "devastated" to learn that he was not the girl's biological father, and now is wondering if the mix-up means that he actually does have a biological child with another woman who may have unknowingly received his sperm.

"I would very much like to be involved," he said. "I think, as children, you want to know who — who and where you came from. And — I believe I'm a very good person. And I'd like them to know who I am, as a person, learn about me as much as I learned about my mother and father."

A New Jersey judge has now ruled that the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science must turn over its list of sperm donors around the same time as the couple so they could identify the girl's biological father.

This is not the only story of an IVF mishap to gain viral attention in recent months. As The Inquisitr reported, a Dutch doctor named Jan Karbaat used his own sperm instead of donor samples when performing IFV procedures -- with DNA tests showing that he is the biological father of at least 49 children over the course of three decades. As the report noted, Karbaat said before his death in 2017 that he may have fathered up to 60 children over the years.

In another recent case highlighted by the CBS Evening News, a New York couple filed a lawsuit after it turned out their twin boys were not their own.