Pink’s Husband, Carey Hart, Shuts Down Parent-Shaming Trolls: ‘Fly Your Own Flag’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

As The Inquisitr reported nearly a month ago, Pink and her husband Carey Hart are no stranger to parent-shaming trolls on social media.

Unwilling to entertain social media trolls, Pink has dialed back on how many snapshots she shares of her daughter Willow and her son Jameson. On the rare occasion that the 40-year-old singing sensation decides to share a snap including one or both of her children, she almost always turns the comments off.

Hart, however, has not wavered from sharing sweet snaps of his adorable children on Instagram. The 44-year-old motocross competitor alum makes a habit of preemptively shutting down potential haters in the caption of every snapshot he shares.

In fact, it was less than two hours ago that Hart took to Instagram to share what he assumed would be a controversial snap of his daughter Willow getting a punk rocker style hair cut that is similar to something her mother would sport.

The photo featured young Willow sitting in a salon chair as the stylist appeared to be putting the finishing touches on her new look. With one side of her head completely shaven, her dirty blonde locks flowed down the other side of her face stopping just above her chin.

In a very detailed caption, Hart decided to shut down anyone who felt the need to leave negative comments on his daughter’s new hair style.

“Fly your own flag,” he penned.

He also encouraged everyone to “own” who they are and not let anyone make them feel bad for their own stylistic choices.

He concluded his lengthy caption by declaring how proud he was of his daughter for not being afraid to choose a hair style she wanted because of what others might think.

In two hours, the photo has accumulated nearly 70,000 likes and just shy of 3,500 comments.

One Instagram user applauded Hart for finding a polite way to acknowledge that everyone would have different opinions when it comes to his daughter’s new hair.

Some commended Willow on being brave enough to get a unique hair cut.

Despite making an effort to shut down trolls in the caption, a few managed to find their way into the comment section of the photo anyway.

“Got a feeling the kid is flying the parents flag. Sorry bud. Just calls em as i sees em. Yeah im ready for the attacks,” one individual penned as they accused Carey of forcing the hair style on his daughter.

With such a large social media following, it wasn’t too surprising to see just shy of 20 responses quickly clap back at the troll. One individual noted that it is extremely common for a child to want to follow in their parents’ footsteps. So, it only made sense for Willow to embrace a punk rock style.

Another individual said in response, “We are all a product of our environment. She’s being raised to think for herself and be a leader and not a follower. She’s being raised to know it’s ok to look and dress how she wants to and no matter what she chooses her parents will love her unconditionally.”

Hart’s bold and honest caption may have stopped some parent-shaming trolls in their tracks because the negative comments were far and few between compared to those praising him and Pink on how they were raising their children.