Pink’s Husband, Carey Hart, Shuts Down Dad-Shaming Trolls: ‘Move The F*ck On’

Another day, another round of Instagram users feuding over unsolicited parenting advice.

It was just 24 hours ago that Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, shared an adorable video clip of himself and his 2-year-old son cruising across the water on a speedboat while jamming to music by a band called Pantera.

The video clip featured young Jameson sitting on his father’s lap with one of Carey’s arms wrapped around him, while the other was controlling the steering wheel of the boat. The toddler wore a red Spiderman shirt with blue shorts featuring spider webs. His beach-blond curls gently bounced in the breeze as the boat cruised through the water. Jameson was lightly headbanging to the song while singing along.

Carey sported a black tank top that showcased his ripped, inked arms as he tightly held on to his son while jamming to the music with him.

In just 24 hours, his 1 million Instagram followers have viewed the video just shy of 350,000 times. The video clip has also been flooded with nearly 4,000 comments. Unfortunately for Carey, the sweet clip stirred up a fair amount of drama in the comments. Many were quick to shame Hart for taking his son out on the water without putting a life jacket on him first.

Some of his followers, however, desperately tried to word their life jacket advice in a way that didn’t sound like they were shaming him. Many even seized an opportunity to tell a story about how they knew someone who died in a boating accident they might have otherwise survived if they had been wearing a life jacket.

According to a screenshot taken and published by Yahoo Entertainment News, Carey was not happy with the dad-shaming comments going on in the caption of his sweet video clip. In fact, Hart tagged one of the individuals and responded to the many requests for a life jacket by telling them to “move the f*ck on.”

Notably, Hart wasn’t the only one to take issue with the unwanted parenting advice in the comments. Several of his followers were quick to join Carey in shutting down the shaming trolls.

“Get a life. Who are you to be judging others. Pointing a finger at someone else man…you got four pointing right back at yourself. I don’t think Carey needs anymore parenting advice. His kids are happy and healthy with dedicated parents. Everyone that wants to criticize needs to look in the mirror,” one of his followers exclaimed in a very detailed clap back.

Carey and his wife, Pink, are no strangers to Instagram users taking to the comments of their video clips and pictures to shame them for all of the things they supposedly do wrong. Unlike her husband, Pink opts to turn the comments off on many of her posts.

Six days ago, for example, Pink shared what she dubbed as a “family portrait” of herself and her children. Despite turning the comments off, the fun picture accumulated over 800,000 likes inside of a week.

As Yahoo Entertainment News points out, Pink frequently shares pictures of her kids while taking digs at all of the anticipated parenting-police remarks she expects the picture would have received.

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