Ted Cruz Agrees To Debate Alyssa Milano On Gun Control

Tyler MacDonald

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ted Cruz recently dropped a biblical tweetstorm on Alyssa Milano after she asked where the Bible says owning a gun is a God-given right in her response to Rep. Matt Shaefer's tweet. Per Fox News, Cruz cited the Bible to argue the right to self-defense and highlight the"unalienable rights" of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" in the Declaration of Independence.

In response, Milano challenged Cruz to a debate.

"I'd love to come in and meet with you on the gun issue and many other issues that include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, @tedcruz and also, 1 Peter 4:8," she tweeted. "I'll be in DC next week. We can live-stream the meeting so the American people can hear your bulls*** 1st hand."

Cruz accepted the offer, saying he would be "happy" to discuss approaches to stop gun violence and the Constitution.

"If we can have a civil & positive conversation — in the spirit of 1 Peter 4:8 as you suggest — despite our political differences, that might help resolve the discord in our Nation."

In response to the recent spate of mass shootings, The Inquisitr reported that Walmart would no longer sell certain kinds of guns and ammunition. According to CEO Doug McMillon, the move will likely be an inconvenience to some customers, and the company's market share for gun and ammunition sales will take a hit. Regardless, he believes it's the best move amidst calls for tighter gun control.