Bernie Sanders Attacks ‘Corrupt, Greedy Corporate Elite,’ Vows To Repeal Trump’s ‘Tax Breaks For The Rich’

Justin SullivanGetty Images

During a campaign event in New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders railed against the “corrupt, greedy corporate elite,” Fox News reports.

The Vermont independent senator argued that President Donald Trump’s tax cuts had disproportionately benefited the corporate sector and ultra-wealthy Americans, vowing to repeal the Republican legislation if elected president.

Sanders told the commander-in-chief and “his friends” to spend the money they had made off the tax cuts “quick,” promising to a crowd of supporters that the repeal will be one of his first actions if he manages to win the presidency.

“The first thing that we are going to tell them is that Trump and his friends may have given them over a trillion dollars in tax breaks, but they had better spend that money quick. Because we are going to rescind those tax breaks as soon as we get into office.”

As Fox News notes, Sanders has long criticized Trump’s tax cuts, once describing them as a “massive giveaway to Wall Street, wealthy Republican campaign contributors, and large, profitable corporations.”

According to the White House hopeful, corporations and billionaires need to “start paying their fair share of taxes.”

Per The Boston Globe, during the same event, Sanders discussed with the crowd a number of issues defining the 2020 presidential race.

The Vermont senator talked about his single payer healthcare proposal, Medicare for All, explaining to attendees that Americans would spend less money on healthcare under his system than they spend now, since his policy would eliminate co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket payments.

Sanders also talked about his general election chances, pointing out that nearly all polls show him beating Trump in the general election, which prompted the enthusiastic crowd of supporters to start chanting “Bernie beats Trump!”

Poll after poll has suggested that Sanders would be a clear favorite against Trump. For instance, of the 35 hypothetical general election match up polls tracked by RealClear Politics, Sanders beats the president in 34.

However, in order to have a shot at challenging Trump, Sanders needs to win the Democratic primary first, and former Vice President Joe Biden’s formidable lead has not yet melted away.

As The Inquisitr reported, Biden — who would also beat Trump in a general election, according to surveys — is supported by 28 percent of Democratic primary voters, and Sanders currently stands at 16 percent of the vote.

In Biden’s case, the fact that voters perceive him to be “electable” appears to be making up for the perceived lack of enthusiasm, which even the former vice president’s wife, Jill, acknowledged in a recent interview arguing that voters should vote for her husband even if they disagree with his policies because he has the best chance of beating Trump.