Loaded Gun And Meth Found Inside Oklahoma Woman During Cavity Search

Loaded gun, loaded revolver found inside woman's vagina

Ada, OK – According to the police report, Christie Dawn Harris and Jennifer Delancey were both arrested on March 4. Officer Kathy Unbewust was making a stop in the neighborhood related to a separate case when she observed a white Toyota Yaris parked along the curbside, motor running, just before 4 am. Inside the car she noticed Harris and Delancey in front, seats reclined.

The two were taken into custody after Officer Unbewust ran a warrant background check and searched the car. Harris’ license check came back as flagged. That, along with the suspicious behavior, prompted an investigation of the vehicle.

Unbewust requested permission from Harris, 28, to search the car. She declined. A fellow colleague Officer Gentry of the Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Department, a canine unit, was on the scene. The dog was paraded around the external body of the Yaris and signaled the presence of drugs.

The search of the car produced several baggies containing drugs and related paraphernalia in the backseat, as well as a loaded Raven Arms MP25 caliber semi-automatic pistol under the front passenger seat, and an additional magazine inside the glovebox.

While in lockup, Harris was instructed to remove her civilian clothing and don jail garments. Female officers, including Unbewust, explained she’d have to endure a nude body search in order to check for contraband. Harris refused, but eventually complied.

Officer Unbewust described seeing a wooden and metal item sticking out from Harris’ vagina. The item ended up being a Freedom Arms.22LR, 5-shot revolver loaded with three live rounds and a single spent shell. The firearm was seized. Additional bags of meth were recovered from Harris’ clinched butt crack, according to MSN.

Harris has since been arraigned on felony weapons and narcotics charges.

This is not the first case of foreign or dangerous contraband being discovered hidden in an anatomical orifice. The Inquisitr previously reported on a case in February of a 58-year-old inmate who was caught smuggling a cellphone in his rectum. People have intimately smuggled everything from weapons to drugs, hence why officers insist on performing intrusive cavity searches.