Woman Has 14 Grams Of Cocaine Removed From Body Two Weeks After Arrest

Tonya Lee Piper managed to add a few additional charges to her rap sheet this week while sitting in her jail cell. Piper, who was arrested for an outstanding warrant earlier this month, had 14 grams of cocaine stored somewhere in her body.

State Police in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, didn’t specify what body cavity contained the 14 grams of cocaine but it’s safe to say that Piper was pretty uncomfortable during her two weeks as a drug mule.

According to WPXI, Piper was in prison for two weeks before she confessed that she had cocaine on her.

The 31-year-old woman was arrested on February 6 after a car that she was in tried to evade police. Piper was taken in for an outstanding warrant but not before she swallowed, or stuffed, the cocaine into a hidden place.

Piper managed to avoid drug chargers during her initial arrest but eventually confessed to police officers. During a court hearing this week she admitted to state police that she had drugs stuffed into a body cavity.

Piper was brought to a medical center in order to have the drugs removed. Police found 14 grams of cocaine and charged Piper with possession of a controlled substance, contraband and possession with intent to deliver.

Piper may be sentenced to several years in prison for the drug charges but it could have been a lot worse. According to Health 24, being a drug mule, especially in a moment of spontaneity, can be an extremely deadly endeavor.

The website writes:

If you swallow any drugs before the trip, you run the risk of one of the condoms bursting in your stomach or intestines and bringing about a swift death by overdose.”

Would you risk death in order to avoid jail? Let’s hope that you never put yourself in a position to make that choice…

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