Hit And Run Suspect Julio Acevedo Arrested

Hit and run suspect Julio Acevedo was arrested in Pennsylvania after turning himself in. Acevedo has been charged with the hit and run crash that killed Nachman and Raizy Glauber and their newborn son.

The Glaubers, both age 21, were riding in a cab in New York City when Acevedo crashed into them at a high rate of speed. The impact killed Mr. Glauber immediately. Mrs. Glauber and her unborn child were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

ABC News reports that Raizy Glauber lived long enough to give birth to her son, who was delivered via C-section. She died shortly after the premature birth. Doctors were only able to keep the 4 pound baby alive for one day.

The hit and run suspect, Julio Acevedo, fled the scene and managed to avoid authorities for four days as he traveled to Pennsylvania.

The 44-year-old man contacted the press, explaining that he didn’t realize the crash was fatal until he saw the story on the news. The New York Times reports that Acevedo stated he was speeding and driving erratically in an attempt to avoid being shot by an unknown assailant.

The suspect discussed turning himself in, but wanted to retain a defense attorney first. Police were skeptical, but Acevedo eventually arranged to turn himself in to authorities in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Police arrested the suspect without incident, as he remained calm and cooperative.

Authorities report that Acevedo has a record. The suspect has a pending OVI case from an unrelated incident and was incarcerated in 1987 for manslaughter. Police have charged Acevedo with “fleeing the scene,” in the hit and run, and are exploring the possibility of additional charges.

Police are in the process of extraditing the hit and run suspect to New York, where he will face charges in the death of the young Glauber family.

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