Judge Again Orders ‘Idiot’ Sign Punishment

idiot sign

Judge Pinkey Carr loves to hand out creative sentences. The Cleveland judge has again ordered her famous “idiot” sign punishment.

According to San Jose Mercury News, Carr’s recent ruling was handed down to 58-year-old Richard Dameron who was arrested earlier this year for threatening police officers.

Dameron will have to spend three hours a day for a week this June standing outside of the police station with his idiot sign.

The sign will read:

“I apologize to officer Simone, his family, all law enforcement officers and Ms. Adkins for threatening to kill them. I was being an idiot and it will never happen again.”

Carr said that she did not believe that Dameron was a violent person. The judge said that Dameron seemed remorseful about his actions.

Carr said:

“He seemed remorseful. He apologized a few times, but the only explanation he could give me was that he was drunk.”

In addition to the idiot sign punishment, Dameron was also sentenced to 90 days in jail. Fox News 8 reports that the 58-year-old man was calling 911 in order to threaten police officers.

Dameron is recorded saying: “I want Officer Simone in my face, or I’m going to kill two cops. Bye … I want to kill three cops. Bye.”

Carr believes that the idiot sign punishment, as well as the 90 days in jail, will act as a deterrent if Dameron ever gets the urge to be an idiot again. The Ohio judge said that the punishment worked well last year when she sentenced a woman to wear an idiot sign for driving on the sidewalk to pass a school bus.

Carr said:

“It definitely sends a message because people won’t forget. I remember with my last case people drove by and were like ‘you are an idiot’ – for me that’s a deterrent. If you engage yourself in this behavior, you may subject yourself to this kind of sentence.”

What do you think of the idiot sign punishment?