Bret Baier Strikes Back At Donald Trump For Criticizing Fox News Polls: ‘Fox Has Not Changed’

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

Just a day after President Donald Trump once again slammed Fox News — a cable news network with several Trump allies — for their polling results, one of the network’s biggest stars clapped back at the president on Monday in defense of his employer.

According to The Hill, Trump on Sunday implied that something had “changed” at the network. “I don’t know what’s happening with Fox,” Trump said.

Trump was apparently not happy with Fox News’ polling that showed the president being taken down by four Democratic presidential candidates in a hypothetical 2020 election match-up.

Baier dedicated a few minutes of his show Special Report to directly rebut the president’s claim that the network is somehow different than it has been in past years, according to Mediaite.

“Okay, well, Fox has not changed. We have a news side and an opinion side. Opinion folks express their opinions. We do polls. Our latest poll had the Democratic candidates had to head, several of them ahead of President Trump, and this poll tracks exactly what the Real Clear Politics average of polls — even a little the other way — and this poll matches what we are seeing out there,” Baier insisted.

The Fox News anchor went on to extend an invite to his show and stressed that he and some of his colleagues cover the news fairly.

“Mr. President, we’ve invited you on Special Report many times. We’d love to have you back on. You’ve talked to George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd, come on back. Me, Chris Wallace, the news side cover it fair, balanced, and unafraid.”

Before going to break, Baier once again invited the president to be a guest on his show.

Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt also weighed in with his defense of the network’s polling methods while accusing Trump of picking and choosing the polls he approves.

While it’s no secret that Trump isn’t a fan of the mainstream news media, he typically has nothing but praise for Fox News. However, Trump began dumping on the network in July with a similar polling result that showed former vice president Joe Biden — the Democratic front-runner — beating Trump in another hypothetical match-up.

Trump tweeted his disapproval with the network at the time and claimed “something is different” about Fox News because of those results. He’s also doubled down on the claim with similar criticism since then, even going as far as saying his worst polls always come from Fox News.

After Baier’s statement to the president, he also took the time to defend Juan Williams, one of the network’s known liberal personalities and co-host of Fox News’ The Five, who was attacked on Sunday in a tweet by the president. Baier said Williams was a “good friend” and called him a “solid guy.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trump on Sunday attacked Williams, calling him “pathetic” and claimed he is “always nasty and wrong.”