‘Chicken Sitter’ Jobs Available In Portland

Portland, OR – “Chicken sitters” are needed in Oregon.

Linda Walker reportedly took a job as a chicken sitter for pet owners who will be away from home for an extended period of time. Instead of looking after a dog, cat, or hamster, the Portland woman will take care of chickens.

According to The Daily Astorian, Walker will feed and care for the birds until her employers return home. She will even collect any eggs the chickens happen to lay during that time.

The chicken sitter said she learned how to deal with the animals while working at a feed store last summer. The experience taught her how to care for chicks and ducklings. She was then able to apply that knowledge to her current profession.

Linda Walker told ABC News that she was surprised by how many people own chickens in the Portland area.

She explained:

“Just in my neighborhood there’s got to be at least 20 households that have chickens. Your neighbor can take your cat or dog, but not a whole lot of them know what to do with [chickens] or what to look for.”

Walker said she secured her first job from a friend who was going on her honeymoon. Although she thought she was in over her head caring for nearly 200 animals, the chicken sitter said she was quickly able to develop a routine.

According to MSN, Walker feels that many folks don’t know what to do with their chickens when they need to leave home for a length of time. This is where the chicken sitter’s role comes into play.

Walker said of her charges:

“They’re beautiful and really funny and better than TV, they’re fun to watch. And they have great eggs!”

Are you good with animals? Would you accept a job as a chicken sitter?

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