‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Season 6 Premiere Kicks Off ‘Dumpster Fire’ Levels Of Drama And Chaos

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Season 6 tease that this is going to be a wild run of shows, and even some of the contestants are teasing that it’ll be a “dumpster fire.” Luckily, there will be romances developing too, and teasers for Monday night’s premiere suggest that fans will have a lot to take in as things get started in Mexico.

E! News shares that contestants like Dylan Barbour, Demi Burnett, bartender Wells Adams, and others have promised that this is the craziest season of Bachelor in Paradise yet. Luckily, spoilers from Reality Steve have broken down all of the key developments so that fans can be relatively prepared.

Season 6 seemingly starts out in a pretty typical manner. Guys and gals from previous seasons will be brought out one at a time to mingle on the beach. Many of these Bachelor in Paradise contestants have someone specific they are hoping to see, and viewers can expect several of the guys to fawn over Hannah Godwin.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Blake Horstmann will get the first date card and he’ll ask out Tayshia Adams. Previews suggest that the two will share some sparks of chemistry. However, it will not take long for some of Blake’s previous behavior to catch up with him and cause a lot of drama.

The Inquisitr previously detailed that the women will learn that Blake had been a busy guy in the months leading up to filming in Mexico. Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that some of the ladies, along with the viewers at home, will learn that Blake didn’t just date Kristina Schulman at one point before the show.

It seems that Horstmann also spent some “quality” time with Tayshia, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Hannah before Bachelor in Paradise too. Kristina will show up on the second day of filming with a date card and ask out Blake, and spoilers suggest that it’s when Blake and Kristina return to the resort after their date that all of this explodes.

It isn’t clear at this point exactly where the premiere will end Monday night, but it seems likely it will be as all of this Blake-related drama escalates. Luckily, fans don’t have to wait too long to see it play out, as there’s a new episode coming Tuesday night too.

Before the first rose ceremony happens, which will surely air Tuesday night, Clay Harbor will also get a date card and ask out Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Clay’s appearance in Mexico will rub Annalise Puccini the wrong way, as she’s good friends with his ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua.

Sneak peeks shared by ABC hint that Clay will have more than one woman interested in getting to know him during these initial moments in Mexico and Kevin Fortenberry’s arrival will generate some interesting reactions. Wills Reid thinks he’s got a plan for getting close to Hannah, but Blake is also angling to get close to her.

Between Monday’s premiere and Tuesday’s follow-up episode, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Annaliese will make a play for Chris Bukowski, but he won’t be interested. During the rose ceremony, Bibiana Julian, Annaliese, and Jane Aver will be left without roses and head home.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Monday’s premiere and Season 6 as a whole tease that this is going to be a really wild ride. Viewers will need to hold on tight through a lot of drama, but Reality Steve‘s teasers reveal that there are legitimate love stories that develop along the way as well.

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