‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Blake Horstmann Jaw-Dropping Tidbits Revealed By Reality Steve

Season 6 Bachelor in Paradise spoilers are emerging as filming takes place in Mexico, and there are some very juicy tidbits coming to light. Gossip guru Reality Steve just started revealing some of the big storyline arcs he’s heard about, and viewers can expect a lot of drama related to Bachelorette cast-off Blake Horstmann.

The Inquisitr detailed that Reality Steve had recently revealed that Blake would be quite prominent early on during this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers teased that Horstmann was turning out to be a major player with the ladies, putting all other guys from previous seasons to shame.

Now, Reality Steve’s latest blog post shares the scoop. His Bachelor in Paradise spoilers expose a lot of personal business related to a handful of Season 6 contestants, but this apparently all happened in front of cameras, and it’ll definitely be shown this August in early episodes.

Blake and Tayshia Adams are both part of the original cast for Season 6, and he asks her out with the first date card of the season. Then, Kristina Schulman arrives on the second day, and she asks Blake out with her date card.

Bachelor in Paradise fans may remember that Blake and Kristina dated briefly a while back. The relationship didn’t last long, but as Life & Style shared, she did visit him in Denver a couple of times and they did officially date. However, Horstmann explained, he was at a strange point in his life during that time period and things didn’t work out between them.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, either during or after Blake and Kristina’s date, explosive information emerges. It seems that several of these contestants all attended the Stagecoach Music Festival in late April, and Blake apparently made the most of the opportunity.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from filming reveal that it will come out that Blake and Tayshia hung out together the first night at Stagecoach. They had been in touch with one another ahead of time to coordinate plans to meet up, but supposedly, they didn’t hook up at all.

During the second night, Horstmann connected with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and the two got intimate with one another. The night after that, he did the same with Kristina. The women will make these connections during filming and confront Blake about it.

Tayshia, Caelynn, and Kristina won’t be the only ones curious to hear what Blake says about all of this. Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that shortly before filming started, Horstmann flew to Alabama specifically to visit Hannah Godwin as they had a romantic interest in one another.

While the women collectively are unhappy with Blake as they make all of these connections, it seems that Caelynn is the most upset by it. As The Bachelor fans will remember, Miller-Keyes went through a difficult ordeal in college that has understandably led her to be cautious about intimacy.

Caelynn will confront Blake on the beach and be extremely emotional as she questions him. BIP spoilers indicate that after the two slept together in April, he seemingly told her it had been a mistake and asked her not to tell anybody. Given what she’s now learning from other ladies, what he said at the time has a heavier impact on her it appears.

During the first rose ceremony, spoilers share that Blake gives Tayshia his rose. After that, however, he tells both Tayshia and Caelynn that it’s Hannah he’s there to pursue. Perhaps luckily for Hannah, it seems that she’ll already have formed a connection with Dylan Barbour from the current Bachelorette season. Despite Horstmann’s interest in her, Godwin sticks with Barbour.

As of this latest update from Reality Steve, Blake is still filming, and he and Kristina continue to give one another roses. To make things even crazier, Reality Steve says that he’s become aware of other ladies connected to the Bachelor franchise that Horstmann has hooked up with as well, but they aren’t filming Paradise.

How long will Blake Horstmann stick around in Mexico, and how will all of these Bachelor in Paradise spoilers affect his good-guy image as everything airs? Season 6 premieres on ABC on Monday, August 5, and it sounds like it’s going to be a very wild ride.

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