Man Fakes Kidnapping To Avoid Girlfriend’s Wrath

Man Fakes Kidnapping

Brooklyn, NY – A man faked his own kidnapping to avoid his girlfriend’s anger. The misguided attempt to avoid her wrath lasted for two weeks before police found him.

The man, Rahmell Pettway, disappeared for two weeks and staged the kidnapping scene when he came back. He was found by police officers in the middle of the street with his hands, mouth, and legs duct taped.

Unfortunately, Pettway’s plan could have been a little more thought out, reports Yahoo! News. Officers knew something was amiss when they saw the roll of duct tape dangling from the man’s hands.

Pettway, 36, claimed that two men driving a minivan kidnapped him on February 19. They allegedly bound him and held him for two weeks before dumping him.

Eventually, the man who faked his own kidnapping admitted to the ruse and pleaded guilty to filing a false police report. But what to him may have been an impressive way to fool his girlfriend was moronic in the eyes of some law enforcement officers.

The New York Post notes that one law enforcement source stated of Rahmell Pettway:

“He’s a total moron. It was a pathetic attempt to pull the wool [over] her eyes.”

When he was discovered by police, Pettway initially claimed he couldn’t remember what happened to him. However, he later told police that he was captured near Bainbridge Street and Reid Avenue. He was found on Macon Street near Malcom X Boulevard.

One woman who lives across the street from where Pettway was found recalled being shocked when she heard the kidnapping was faked. The remembered the police asking the man if he was okay. But she added of the ruse, “That’s something very sick. Just be a man and face the consequence.”

Police noted that the man who faked his kidnapping already has 14 arrests, though most of them are for robbery, marijuana, and assault. There is no word on where Rahmell Pettway was between February 19 and Monday. It is also not clear if the man who faked his own kidnapping will ever be forgiven by his girlfriend.

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