‘The Young And The Restless’ Casting Shocker: Loren Lott Out As Ana

Singer Loren Lott attends "Everything, Everything" Screening.
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Singer and actress Loren Lott announced she is out as Ana at The Young and the Restless. The actress shared the news on her social media and posted a video with clips of her time on the show as Devon Hamilton Winters’ sister.

On her Instagram story, Lott sang the Boyz To Men song “End of the Road” over her scenes as Ana yesterday on the show. In the storyline, Ana came home to Devon’s (Bryton James) penthouse, and she received a phone call about her father Jett’s (Gilbert Glenn Brown) health. Ana promised to pack a bag and be there soon. Devon offered to get his plane ready, and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) said she would call the hospital to get time off so that she could visit Jett as well. Apparently, those scenes were Lott’s final ones on Y&R. The news is shocking considering The Inquisitr reported that Lott recently appeared in the show’s iconic opening.

On her YouTube page, the American Idol alum also posted a heartfelt video of herself with clips and pictures of her time on the show. Warning: The video has some mild NSFW language.

“What an amazing journey! I’m so grateful to God for this step in my career. I have learned so much, and I have had so much fun. I’ve received thousands of hugs and kisses and had several Dream Come True moments. I am so excited to move on to what’s next for me,” wrote Lott in her caption.

The actress went on to explain that she felt bummed at first when she learned that the show decided to spend its budget on other storylines since they didn’t have a vision for where to take Ana’s storyline next.

“I’m grateful for every storyline I participated in and every song I got to sing. How cool that I got to sing and act on TV. All I wanted when I left Broadway was for my grandparents to be able to turn on the TV and see me without having to travel to support me as they are getting older. I got exactly that. Thanks God,” Lott wrote.

Ana’s departure from the storyline leaves Devon’s family even smaller. Last year, Christel Khalil moved to recurring status on the soap as Lily went to prison, and now Lily has moved away from Genoa City. Plus, actor Kristoff St. John’s unexpected death led to Neil’s passing on the show. Currently, Devon is the sole representative of one of the show’s core families, so this casting decision comes as a big surprise for fans.

As for what’s next for Lott, recently she’s mentioned auditions for different things on her social media, and perhaps one of those will be her next big thing. Fans can only hope that Disney needed a sister for Ariel in its upcoming live-action Little Mermaid.