Loren Lott Reacts To Inclusion In New ‘The Young And The Restless’ Opening

Actress and singer Loren Lott experienced an exciting moment yesterday during the new opening of The Young and the Restless.

In the show’s opening, Lott appeared as Ana right after Bryon James’s Devon. On the show, Devon and Ana are not only brother and sister but also boss and employee, which has its share of drama.

Lott took to social media to share the full range of emotions she felt watching her first TV opening. Mostly, the actress screamed in excitement and disbelief. She also thanked the person who edited the opening for pushing “save” instead of “delete” on her segment.

The actress’s fans loved seeing her in the show’s opening, and they expressed their happiness with dozens of replies on her post.

“Why a beautiful intro photo! You are fabulous #Ana,” wrote one.

Others congratulated Lott while expressing their desire to see her on-screen alter ego engaged in some intense daytime drama.

“Congratulations!!!!! I’m hoping you get a good dishy, soapy storyline! #YR,” replied a fan.

Currently, Ana and Devon have clashed over how she’s handling Tessa’s (Cait Fairbanks) music career. Devon even hired Theo (Tyler Johnson) to mentor Ana, but she feels Theo is mainly her babysitter. Even so, Devon feels Ana has a lot to learn. Their most recent disagreement is not the first time this brother and sister duo has clashed since Ana took on a job working at Devon’s music label.

With Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) death and Lily (Christel Khalil) moving away from Genoa City, Devon is the remaining member of the legacy Winters family. While Ana isn’t technically a member of the Winters clan, she is part of Devon’s family, and right now Devon needs all the family he can get after losing his father and his wife, Hilary (Mishael Morgan), and their unborn baby in less than a year.

Lott’s inclusion in the show’s opening makes it look like Ana is in Genoa City to stay for quite a while, and her followers are thrilled to see the show put her in a prominent position.

Many of Lott’s followers love watching her fun personality shine through on social media. Last week, she stunned fans with her rendition of a beloved Whitney Houston song, according to The Inquisitr. In her reaction video yesterday, the talented American Idol alum once again proved why she’s such a fun person to follow on Twitter and Instagram. Lott keeps things lighthearted and real with the pieces of her life that she shares online.

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