Ohio Man Professes Love For Urinal

Eastlake, OH – Kenneth Kulas professed his adoration for the metal urinal in his detainment cell when he was arrested for disorderly conduct and intoxication, according to police.

The 50-year-old was arrested after an altercation on February 23. Police were called out to a Discount Tobacco Store around 4:45 pm in response to reports of an intoxicated man yelling at bags of tobacco.

Kulas was found inside, stabling himself against a shelf and holding a conversation with a bottle of vodka and another customer in line to checkout.

Kulas’s drunken condition was notably obvious to officers. He was slurring his speech, seemed confused and random, and had difficulty with mobility. Police took Kulas into custody, reports the Huffington Post.

As odd couples go, Kulas and his urinal are joined by Amy Wolfe, a Pennsylvania woman who eternally vowed to love a roller coaster called “1001 Nachts.” Wolfe claimed back in 2009 she planned on legally changing her last name to Weber (the amusement park ride’s manufacturer) and that she’d ridden the ride at least 3000 times.

ABC News reported in April 2009 on 36-year-old Erika Eiffel’s obsession with the Parisian landmark The Eiffel Tower. She declared herself one of many “objectum sexuals” who have a deep and profound love of inanimate objects. Eiffel went as far as to engage in a commitment ceremony with the iron lattice tower.

A Los Angeles secretary named Jannene Swift married a large chunk of rock in 1976. A South Korean man, 28-year-old Lee Jin Gyu, married his favorite Japanese body pillow. He and his plush companion exchanged vows in a 2010 ceremony.

Contrary to sexual fetishism, object sexuality or objectum sexuality is a pronounced emotional or romantic desire towards a particular inanimate object and not solely a motive of enhancing one’s human sexual relationship. Those individuals afflicted with this condition express an obsessive fixation, feelings of attraction and love for certain items or structures. These people tend to see relationships with living humans incomprehensible.

In the case of Kulas, it may simply be due to the alcohol and not a psychological condition.

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