Andrew Yang Attacks ‘Phony Entrepreneur’ Donald Trump, Says ‘Real Entrepreneurs Build Strong Teams’

Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang hosts a campaign rally at the Lincoln Memorial.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to Twitter Thursday to attack Donald Trump and draw a line between entrepreneurs like himself and the president — who also has a lengthy business background.

But according to Yang, that’s where the similarities end.

“Just because I come from the business world doesn’t mean I have anything else in common with the current POTUS,” he tweeted. “Trump was a phony entrepreneur and is a bad president. Real entrepreneurs build strong teams.”

Yang’s post referred to a clip from his interview with NowThisNews, a media company that has a segment called “20 Questions for 2020” in which they propose questions to presidential candidates. During Yang’s segment, the fourteenth question asked Yang what people often get wrong about him. The 44-year-old said that many people think that his experience as an entrepreneur means that he doesn’t understand how government works.

“I understand what the job of the president is,” he said, adding that almost every entrepreneur is different than Trump, who he claims is regarded as “a marketing charlatan and a fraud, and not a genuine builder.”

“And you can see he’s just like laid this giant trail of destruction everywhere he goes, and he’s surrounded by sycophants and people that just tell him what he wants to hear.”

“So that’s not most entrepreneurs,” Yang continued, claiming that most entrepreneurs instead focus on creating teams, empowering the people within them, creating opportunities, and “building consensus around a shared vision.”

Per The Inquisitr, Yang is running on a platform of $1,000 a month of universal basic income (UBI) for every American that will be funded in part by taxing Big Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. He also claims that his platform is making a conscious effort to reach the “politically disengaged,” which Hidden Tribes reports accounts for 26 percent of Americans. This group is reportedly closest to passive liberals — another group with low income and education and a decreased engagement in current affairs compared to other groups.

Yang is set to take the debate stage later this month, and has met the donor requirements for the fall debates — he just needs to earn 2 percent support in four approved polls to secure a spot in each one.

According to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Yang is tied for sixth place with Beto O’Rourke with 2 percent support. Per The Inquisitr, Yang also jumped from 0 percent support in April to 4.9 percent in the latest July survey from Saint Anselm College. In the same poll, Yang trails Bernie Sanders, who is in 5th place with 9.9 percent support, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is in 4th with 11.5 percent support.