Andrew Yang Jumps From Zero To 4.9 Percent In New Hampshire Poll

The Hill reports that the latest survey from Saint Anselm College reveals Andrew Yang as one of the biggest gainers in the Democratic field. The serial entrepreneur jumped from 0 percent support in April to 4.9 percent in the latest July survey, to take 6th place. After Yang, Bernie Sanders is in 5th place with 9.9 percent support, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in 4th with 11.5 percent support. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren top the field with 20.8, 17.5, and 16.7 percent support, respectively.

In the recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Yang tied Beto O’Rourke for 6th place.

Yang, often considered the dark horse of the Democratic primary, will take the debate stage in July. He has met the donor requirements for the fall debates and now must gain 2 percent in four approved polls — of which Saint Anselm College is not included — to attend the debates in September and October.

Per The Inquisitr, a recent Echelon Insights poll reveals that support for Yang’s universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 a month has the most support from Democrats, voters under 50, and earners under $50,000. As age and wealth increase and political affiliation moves right, support for UBI, Yang’s signature policy proposal, declines.

Although Yang is considered a longshot to win the Democratic nomination, his success has stunned many people in Washington, especially considering that he is polling above candidates with political experience who have been planning their presidential run for years.

As far as donations, Yang earned $2.8 million in donations during the second quarter of 2019, 99.6 percent of which were reportedly small donations less than $200. Yang — along with Jay Inslee — does not receive outside money to fund his campaign, instead relying solely on grassroots contributions.

On Saturday, Yang took to Twitter to reveal one of the focuses of his campaign and the reason he believes he can win.

“About 25% of Americans are considered politically disengaged,” he said. “If we activate enough of them we can win the whole election.”

Yang has also said that UBI is important for stay-at-home moms whose work is currently valued at 0 by GDP, as well as veterans who are being pushed aside by employers. The 44-year-old entrepreneur addressed the latter issue on Twitter on Tuesday.

“I have met with several veteran groups and one vet told me something profound. ‘It’s not that employers just aren’t pro-veteran. They are actually looking for reasons to say no and rule you out because they think you’re damaged goods.’ We need to do much more for our veterans.”

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