Andrew Yang Is Targeting The ‘Politically Disengaged’ To ‘Win The Whole Election’

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, considered by many to be a dark horse of this election cycle, has a campaign that focuses on the effects of automation, worker displacement, and a solution in the form of a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 a month for every American citizen over 18, which The Inquisitr reported has the most support from Democrats, voters under 50, and earners under $50,000.

But another focus of Yang’s campaign is targeting voters that are disenfranchised with politics, which he took to Twitter Saturday to reveal is something he believes could be the key to winning the election.

“About 25% of Americans are considered politically disengaged,” he tweeted. “If we activate enough of them we can win the whole election.”

Hidden Tribes reports that 26 percent of Americans are politically disengaged, which is a group reportedly closest to passive liberals in terms of low income and education as well as a lack of engagement in current affairs. Given that Yang focuses on issues like UBI, which may provide benefit for low income and uneducated people, it appears that his campaign is making an effort to target these people, similar to the way President Donald Trump engaged blue-collar Americans that felt left behind by politics.

As for why people don’t vote, The Washington Post asked some people for the reasons behind their apathy.

“The system is carefully optimized to care for those who already have; the have-nots will always have to fend for themselves,” said Jacques Caillault from Antioch, California.

“In the grand scheme of things in my life, the decisions that politicians make do not really affect my daily life,” said Braedon Shelton from Charlotte.

“It is clear that politicians seek power as a steppingstone to corporate board positions and/or K Street lobbying jobs,” said Scott Quinn from Greeley, Colorado.

Yang currently has 2 percent support in the recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. He is tied with Beto O’Rourke for sixth place, meaning he has a long way to go to match frontrunner Biden’s 26 percent, Elizabeth Warren’s 19 percent, and Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, who are tied at 13 percent.

Yang is set to take the July debate stage and has met the donor requirements for the September and October debates, meaning he has to get 2 percent in three more approved polls to officially earn a spot.

Per The Inquisitr, Yang earned $2.8 million in donations during the second quarter of this year, and his campaign claims that 99.6 percent of these donations were less than $200. Along with Jay Inslee, Yang does not receive outside money to fund his campaign.

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