Queen Elizabeth II Hospitalized For Apparent Stomach Infection

Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly been hospitalized this weekend due to symptoms of gastroenteritis. This marks the second royal who has had to see hospital time over the last few months. Dutchess Kate Middleton had to be taken to the hospital in December after complications arose during her pregnancy.

CNN reports that the queen was admitted more as a precautionary move, more than something that was of pressing concern. In general, gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines.

Some people dismiss this ailment as having the stomach flu, but there is no evidence that a flu virus actually causes the condition. The 86-year-old monarch has already canceled quite a few travel plans in order to make the time to rest and recuperate.

The Washington Post points out that among the plans that have been canceled was a trip to Rome that was scheduled to begin Wednesday. While plans have been canceled, a spokesman for the queen said that the plans could be reinstated later.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the queen of the United Kingdom since 1952 and it appears that age might be catching up to her. A few months back Elizabeth had to cancel another overseas trip because she was having some severe back problems.

Despite being one of Europe’s longest ruling monarchs, she has managed to avoid letting ilnees interrupt he busy schedule very often. One source at the palace pointed out that the queen has not had to be hospitalized since 2003.

While gastroenteritis is typically not a very serious affliction, vomiting and diarhea can be quite severe. Because of this a patient can become quite dehydrated. Illnesses like this are generally harder on the older generation.

Queen Elizabeth II has long kept a very bust schedule and there doesn’t appear to be any indication that once she gets over this bout of illness that she won’t be back on the trail quite quickly.

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