Joe Biden Blasted For His Role As Obama’s ‘Deporter In Chief,’ Pushed To ‘Ask For Forgiveness’

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Joe Biden, 2020 presidential candidate and Democratic front-runner, is coming under fire for his role in the former Democratic administration under Barack Obama, which carried out mass deportations of 3 million people and reportedly generated a great deal of fear in the Latino community at the time.

Politico reports that Joe Enriquez Henry, vice president of the Midwestern region of League of United Latin American Citizens, believes that Biden “needs to be accountable.”

“Biden needs to make it clear, if he wants to be president, that he has compassion and understanding and he needs to ask for forgiveness,” he said.

Eriquez Henry is currently attempting to mobilize Latinos to influence the Iowa caucuses. He calls the mass deportations during Obama’s presidency a “terrible time” for Latinos and is pushing for Biden to “do his penance.” If Biden fails to do so, it appears that Eriquez Henry will attempt to harm Biden’s support in the race.

Biden has been questioned about his role in the mass deportations before. During last month’s debate, Biden was pressed on the issue, and he responded by praising Obama’s role and contrasting him with the actions of President Donald Trump.

But not everyone is buying it.

“The Obama and Biden administration were terrible in their first term,” said Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

“His title of deporter in chief was earned.”

Biden is currently the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, but it’s early enough that he could still lose his spot. Kamala Harris is gaining ground after her attack on Biden’s previous opposition to busing during the first debate, while Bernie Sanders appears to be losing ground, per the recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Fringe candidate Mike Gravel is also closing in on 65,000 donors, and a recent tweet appears to suggests he’s on the way to make the July debate, which would be bad news for Biden. Gravel, who runs on an anti-war platform that seeks not to win the nomination but simply make the debates, has dedicated much of his campaign to deriding Biden and criticizing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that appears to be supportive of the former vice president.

“Integral to a Left movement and to repairing this broken system is preventing Joe Biden from groping his way to the Democratic nomination,” Gravel posted on Twitter before posting his new anti-Biden campaign ad.

Per The Inquisitr, Gravel’s campaign got a significant boost when fellow Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson sent a campaign email to her supporters asking them to chip in for Gravel’s campaign. Williamson called Gravel’s voice “diverse and provocative” and praised his work in Congress.