Fat Cat: 37 Pound Shelter Kitty Looking For New Home [Video]

37 Pound Cat Biscuit

Biscuit is a fat cat by any standard.

The 37 pound portly feline packs nearly three times the heft that a kitty his age should. Now, with the help of a Missouri animal shelter, he’s losing some weight and finding a new family.

Biscuit currently lives at the St. Charles Animal Control shelter near St. Louis. Earlier this week, staff shared the pudgy furrball’s weight issues with the public.

The story touched the hearts of animal lovers across the globe and now the shelter is fielding offers from more than 100 potential new homes for the fat cat.

According to The Associated Press, the full-figured feline first came to the location roughly one year ago when his owner could no longer care for him.

The St. Charles Animal Control shelter attributes the fat cat’s 37 pound girth to the many treats his owner had lovingly bestowed upon him.

Teresa Gilley, the shelter’s lead animal control officer, explained:

“She didn’t mean the cat any harm. I just think she didn’t know any better.”

The shelter was able to find Biscuit a new home, but the kitty was recently returned because of housing restrictions facing his new owner. Staff at the shelter noticed that Biscuit’s weight was causing health problems, causing him to pant after walking just a few short steps.

Now the shelter is helping the fat cat trim down, restricting him to a healthy diet of one cup of food per day. They report that he’s adjusting to the lean food intake and regaining his energy. He’s even been able manage a few jumps onto a chair in the office.

You can watch the sweet kitty in action in the video below:


According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the shelter was worried that Biscuit’s 37 pounds and special diet needs might seem daunting to potential adopters.

However, since news about Biscuit’s need for a new family was made public, the shelter has received over 100 adoption offers for the scale-tipping tabby. The shelter plans to carefully review each application before deciding which home would be the best fit for the affectionate feline.

Biscuit’s story also touched officials with the Banfield Pet Hospital, the largest veterinary hospital in the nation. The institution has offered to provide the 37 pound fat cat with a year’s worth of wellness care.