Justin Bieber Tweets ‘Worst Birthday’ After $20,000 Party Ruined By Club Security

Justin Bieber Tweets 'Worst Birthday' After $20,000 Party Ruined By Club Security

Justin Bieber saw his expensive party plans go up in smoke in London this week, prompting the moody singer to tweet “Worst birthday ever.”

The Canadian pop star played a concert in Birmingham, England on Thursday and then set off to celebrate his 19th birthday. He seemed excited for the festivities, tweeting: “Great show!!! Now gonna go celebrate 19!! Thanks.”

And celebrate he did. The pop star partied with his rumored girlfriend, Ella Paige Roberts Clarke, and other friends until 6 am, Hollywood Life noted.

Things went downhill from there. Justin Bieber had even bigger plans for the next day, reportedly dropping $20,000 for a circus-themed party at London’s Cirque du Soir complete with clowns, a ringmaster, and other expensive amenities. But at some point during this party, Bieber’s entourage got into a confrontation with club security, prompting the entire party to leave, a witness told E! News.

“Worst birthday,” Justin Bieber tweeted.

Bieber’s fans were quick to point the finger at the media, using hashtag #BeliebersHatePaparazzi in reaction to the ruined birthday party.


While he was having his party pooped in London, Justin Bieber’s birthday wasn’t going over so well back in the states. The pop star reportedly loaned out his car to Lil Twist, who had already gotten a ticket in Justin’s Ferrari on January 1 when a photographer was struck and killed trying to get pictures of the scene.

Lil Twist didn’t do much better this time. Not long after he drove Justin Bieber’s car, he was promptly pulled over by California Highway Patrol after making an unsafe lane change. Cops gave Lil Twist a break and issued a ticket for tinted windows instead, TMZ reported.

Have you ever had a birthday worse than Justin Bieber’s 19th?