Justin Bieber Celebrates 19th Birthday In London With Ella Paige Roberts Clarke

Justin Bieber nerf gun assault

Justin Bieber celebrated his 19th birthday last night by partying with Ella Paige Roberts Clark (his possible new girlfriend) and another mystery blonde in London until 6 am this morning.

The Canadian pop star kicked off his birthday festivities after playing a concert in Birmingham, England. Bieber was spotted leaving the show, without his shirt, with Ella and another woman.

Bieber wrote on Twitter: “Great show!!! Now gonna go celebrate 19!! Thanks.”

According to Hollywood Life, the pop star went back to his hotel room after the concert for a change of clothes and then headed out to club BLC. Justin’s deejay Tay James, his rumored girlfriend Ella Paige Roberts Clarke, and several other ladies accompanied him to the club. The group partied until about 6 am this morning.

But Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday festivities won’t end there. In addition to treating himself to some new ink last week the pop star reportedly dropped $20,000 for a circus themed party in London. The party will reportedly have clowns, a ringmaster, and a bunch of other unnecessary birthday party spectacles.

The pop singer, of course, can afford a little extravagance. Bieber may only be 19 but he’s a wildly successful musician. The Huffington Post reports that Bieber had a record deal by 14, performed a sold out Madison Square Garden show at 16, and released three studio albums before his 19th birthday.


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