March 11, 2015
Jimmy Butler Loves Dancing To Taylor Swift, Chicago Bulls Teammates Hate It

Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler has a unique ritual that gets him into the mood for his games, and it turns out that it involves Taylor Swift. But rather than encouraging this habit, it's something that his Chicago Bulls teammates despise.

It turns out that Jimmy Butler loves to truly "Shake It Off" by dancing to Taylor Swift before his games. In fact you can check out Jimmy Butler engaging in his pre-game dance, courtesy of his team-mate, Nazr Monhammed's Instagram.

Just click over to his page to see him throwing down his unique shapes.

This is what I have to deal with after a win in the locker room lol @jimmybuckets21 #TaylorSwift #holdat #SeeRed

A video posted by Nazr Mohammed (@nazrmohammed) on

The above video was actually posted to Nazr Mohammed's Instagram account all the way back in January 2014.

And as you can see, Butler was clearly dancing his way through Taylor Swift's single "22," in his own inimitable fashion while also singing along to every single word.

Even the security guard in the above video seems to be flabbergasted by Butler's choice.

And during a recent chat with Pro Basketball Talk, Butler admitted that he still blasts out the country singer's tunes when he is given the chance to control the locker room's music.

"I get my own playlist in warmups sometimes," Butler explained. "My teammates don't like it very much because it's country music, but they get over it."

After being asked about which specific country music artist he listens to Butler proudly declared, "I like Taylor Swift. I like music a whole, but her music is kinda catchy."

And since Taylor Swift recently released her follow-up album, 1989, to 2012's Red, which possessed the single, "22", on it, it's probably safe to say that Butler has been pumping out the likes of "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space" in the Bulls' locker-room over the last few months too.

But it isn't just Taylor that he listens too, because Butler also went on to admit that he tries to listen to a variety of artists, some of whom he has previously built up a connection with.

"I try to listen to people I've gained relationships with over the years," he admitted. "So whether it's Ludacris or Lee Brice or Jason Aldean, whoever it is I try to support them just like they support me."

[Image via Uludagsozluk]