Execution In China: Four Foreigners In Televised Death March

Four foreigners face execution in China

Four foreigners face execution in China after a death march on live TV Friday.

Four foreigners are to be executed for killing 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River. The execution will follow a live broadcast of their death march, bringing back public execution rallies of days past.

The killing of the sailors on the Mekong put drug smugglers and extortion racketeers in the national spotlight, giving way to a license to expand police operations.

According to ABC Radio Australia, the convicted murderers were taken on live broadcast from their Chinese prison to the execution grounds. They have been sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Ordinarily, China has abandoned the idea of escorting prisoners publicly to their execution, but felt that this time an example needed to be made. The public outcry demanded the foreigners face execution for the 13 sailors killed.

According to CBS News, Professor Yu Guoming of Renmin University’s School of Mass Media said:

“The brutality of Naw Kham in the killing really got ordinary Chinese people riled up. It’s no wonder that it has attracted such huge attention from the public.”

The gang has been accused of ambushing Chinese cargo ships on the Mekong River on October 5, 2011. The stretch of river they were operating on was infested with gang activity involving heroin smuggling, and is part of a vital trade and transportation channel between China and other parts of Asia.

The boats were recovered with the bodies of 13 sailors bound and either shot or stabbed.


The four men facing execution in China are Naw Kham, the ring leader from Myanmar, Hsang Kham from Thailand, Yi Lai, stateless, and Zha Xika of Laos.

How do you feel about China executing foreigners after a televised death march?