WWE News: Former World Champion Traveling With WWE Once Again After Retirement Rumors

For months, there have been rumors swirling that a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion had wrestled his final match. Sheamus hasn’t been seen on WWE television since wrestling on SmackDown Live on April 9, 2019. The Inquisitr reported in mid-May that fans speculated injuries were forcing him to retire from the ring for good, but it appears as if those rumors may not have been exactly correct.

After WrestleMania 35, Sheamus had another couple of matches before simply disappearing from sight. Multiple rumors started swirling around regarding his well-being, work on other projects, or even retirement.

Some believed he had suffered multiple concussions and was at a point in his life where he could no longer wrestle. While his return to the ring is not exactly known as of yet, it does now appear as if retirement isn’t a possibility at this time and the Celtic Warrior could be back before too long.

According to PW Insider, by way of Ringside News, Sheamus is actually returning to the road with WWE this week. As a matter of fact, he is going to be at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday to take part in a signing at 11 a.m.

Now, it is not false that Sheamus has been dealing with some injuries and needed a bit of time off from the ring. Sheamus suffers from spinal stenosis and he wasn’t expected to be able to compete at WrestleMania 35, but he worked through the pain for it and two more matches after that.

Since early April, though, he’s been off of WWE television and fans have been anxiously hoping he would return soon.

During the WWE Superstar Shake-Up in mid-April, Cesaro was moved over to Monday Night Raw which officially broke up The Bar. The company made no mention of Sheamus during the Shake-Up, which makes it seem as if he’s staying put on SmackDown Live and will be there upon his return.

Of course, anything is possible and things are always subject to change. There is also the “Wild Card Rule” which can always come into play and move things around.

For almost three months, fans have held out hope that Sheamus’ music would hit and he’d return to the ring for WWE. While his appearance for a signing in Texas isn’t exactly the former world champion getting back in action, it’s a good sign that his in-ring return won’t be too far away.

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