WWE Rumors: Former Multi-Time Champion May Have Wrestled Final Match

When the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up took place, everyone kind of figured that there would be new paths for a lot of people while others continued on their ways. A day or so after it was over, Cesaro was moved from SmackDown Live to Monday Night Raw which resulted in randomly splitting up The Bar. Now, there may be more reasoning behind that move if Sheamus truly can never wrestle again.

According to a report from Give Me Sport, there are rumors flying around that even though Sheamus has missed some time due to a concussion, there are bigger things in play here. A string of injuries to the former multi-time champion could end up forcing him into retirement, which means he may have wrestled his final match.

Earlier this year, there were already concerns about Sheamus’ health and it was thought that he wouldn’t be able to compete at WrestleMania 35. He ended up in a match there and even a few others in the week after that, but he hasn’t been seen since April 9, 2019.

Not long after a six-man tag match on SmackDown Live, Sheamus disappeared and has not been on WWE television or appearing at live events. In the Superstar Shake-Up, Cesaro was moved over to Raw and The Bar was officially disbanded after a long time together.

Now, there are reports that Sheamus may simply not be able to come back and wrestle again, which is why Cesaro was moved. Of course, Cesaro has barely been seen since he was moved over to Raw, but that is a story for another day as the focus here is on the health of his former tag team partner.

It’s being said that many in WWE and the professional wrestling community are surprised at all that Sheamus could still perform as well as he has been. He’s reportedly in a lot of pain and the injury issues have only become more serious as time has gone on.

After dealing with all of those injuries, it was just a horrific icing on the cake that he suffered a concussion to deal with as well. It’s not known just when Sheamus will be cleared to return to the ring or if it will ever even happen at all.

Sheamus is a three-time WWE Champion, one-time World Heavyweight Champion, and has won numerous other titles since starting his time with the company back in 2006. He is 41-years-old, but many superstars have been able to wrestle long past that age in their careers. Unfortunately for Sheamus, though, injuries may end up pushing him to retire, possibly never to wrestle again.

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