Melania Trump Is Living A ‘Separate Life’ From Donald Trump, Claims New Book

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Melania Trump is living a “separate life” from Donald Trump, with the two reportedly living in separate bedrooms in the White House and rarely speaking to each other, according to claims made in a new book.

As Yahoo News reports, Michael Wolff, author of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, makes the claim in his new book Siege: Trump Under Fire. Specifically, Wolff claims that the Trumps’ marriage is a “sham marriage,” carried on for the sake of publicity.

Wolff claims to have spoken to over 100 different sources to bolster his claim, one of whom is Steve Bannon, Trump’s former advisor and the director of his 2016 campaign. Bannon claims that Melania never figured into any of Trump’s decision-making and that whenever her name came up in conversation, Trump would just look puzzled. According to Wolff, he “never saw any evidence of a marriage.”

Wolff also points to the fact that Mrs. Trump famously delayed moving into the White House for several months after her husband was inaugurated. Ostensibly, this was because she wanted to stay behind as her and Donald’s son, Barron Trump, finished out his school year. Wolff, however, claims that Melania never wanted to move into the White House at all. And when she did eventually move in, it was “in name only,” says Wolff.

“And, in fact, the First Lady was not really in the White House,” he added.

In addition to citing sources, Wolff’s new book expands on some publicly-known facts about Mrs. Trump — facts he alleges are evidence that her marriage to Donald is a ruse. For example, back in May 2018, Melania Trump was all but absent for several weeks, as Business Insider reported at the time, for a routine kidney procedure that usually takes place in a day and only calls for a day or two of recovery.

Similarly, a conspiracy theory that continues to resurface from time to time claims that the “Melania Trump” that appears on TV cameras is actually a body double. That conspiracy, which had been silent for a few months, resurfaced after Trump’s visit to D-Day ceremonies in France earlier this month.

Yahoo News writer Penny Burfitt notes that critics on both sides of the political spectrum are criticizing the book, including Washington Post reviewer Ryan Lizza, who writes that the book contains “factual errors that mar the author’s credibility.” Donald Trump, for his part, hasn’t yet responded publicly to the allegations in Siege, but he did call Wolff a “mentally deranged author” after the publication of Fire And Fury.