A Majority Of Republican Voters Say They’re ‘Embarrassed’ By Donald Trump’s Statements

Joe RaedleGetty Images

A majority of GOP voters say that they’re embarrassed or concerned by the things that Donald Trump says. According to a Pew Research Center Poll that was released on Wednesday, pollsters find that a high percentage of conservative voters also feel a measure of anger and exhaustion by the president.

The Pew Center spoke to over 10,000 adults in the U.S., many of who claim to be Republican-leaning or Republican. Of those people, 59 percent said that Trump’s comments make them feel concerned. Of those who identify as conservative among those 10,000 people, 53 percent say they feel embarrassed by the president, and 41 percent feel exhausted by him.

Nearly half of the people polled – 47 percent – said that they feel confused by the things that Trump says. Nearly 40 percent said that his comments make them feel angry. Of people across the political spectrum, 76 percent said that Trump’s comments make them feel concerned, 70 percent said it makes them feel confused, 69 percent said his discourse makes them feel embarrassed, and 67 percent said they were exhausted. That said, 54 percent said they find themselves entertained by what he says.

When Pew spoke to Democrats, or those who lean progressive, 81 percent of people polled said that the things the president says frightens them, and 87 percent feel insulted. Just 22 percent of Republican voters felt that Trump’s language was frightening, and 32 percent felt that he was insulting. Three-fourths of Republican respondents said that the things the president says make them feel proud, and 76 percent said they feel informed and happy.

When Pew spoke to members of both political parties, they found that people generally agree that the political debate in the country has become “less respectful, less fact-based and less substantive.”

A full 85 percent of people polled said that the tone and nature of political discourse has become more negative and less respectful, and 76 say that it has become less fact-based. Overall, 46 percent think that discourse has become less entertaining.

Trump seems to be a major factor in deciding people’s views of the political discourse in the country. A 55 percent majority of people said that he has changed the tone of political conversation for the worse. Only 24 percent say he has changed it for the better.

All this comes as polls show Trump trailing behind some of his Democratic challengers in a hypothetical 2020 match-up. Recently, polls have shown Biden leading Trump by substantial margins in several key battleground states. The news has caused Trump to amp up his attacks on his opponents and on what he is calling “fake” polling.