President Jimmy Carter, 94, Is Back Teaching Sunday School After Hip Replacement Surgery

Scott CunninghamGetty Images

Former President Jimmy Carter has returned to teaching Sunday school class just weeks after having hip replacement surgery at the age of 94.

The Daily Mail says that Carter returned today to Maranatha Baptist Church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, to teach local children in his early morning class. Carter told attendees that he and his wife, Rosalynn, have excellent nursing care at home and thanked everyone for their “prayers and good wishes.”

The former president was released from the hospital on May 16 after falling and breaking his hip as he was preparing to go turkey hunting, says a representative from the Carter Center. Ultimately, it was decided that Carter would be best served by a hip replacement instead of a repair.

Jimmy Carter started teaching Sunday school in 1980 after retiring, and his class draws hundreds of visitors for each session, adding that he and his wife pose for photos with each attendee.

At the time of his fall, Carter says that his biggest concern was that turkey season would end by the time he was well enough to head back out, and he hadn’t reached his limit for the season. Georgia residents are allowed to bag three “gobblers” per turkey season.

A statement from Carter says that he is hopeful that the state of Georgia will allow him to “roll over the unused limit to next year.”

President Carter recently became the oldest living president following the death of George H.W. Bush. It was at the Bush funeral that Carter was last seen publicly with the other surviving presidents in Washington, D.C., says The Inquisitr.

It was at that memorial service that Donald Trump arrived to sit in a pew with the rest of the “President’s Club,” but failed to acknowledge Carter and his wife in the same row. It was observed that Trump only actually greeted Michelle Obama, who had extended her hand.

“As Trump sat down, he reached over to shake Michelle Obama’s hand when she extended it over her husband and the current first lady, but the sitting president didn’t wave to the 94-year-old Carter, who sat five people down on the end of the aisle.”

After the snub, President Carter checked his watch and looked away, engaging his wife in conversation. Trump stared straight ahead, and former President Bill Clinton scanned the program. Social media erupted, saying that you know you’ve done something wrong when you get a dirty look from Jimmy Carter.