‘Southern Charm’ Star Danni Baird Doesn’t Regret Speaking Her Mind About Thomas Ravenel

Paul CheneyBravo/NBC Universal

At this point, fans of Southern Charm have no doubt that Danni Baird is that friend you want to have in a jam, and she has proven this from the beginning when she first spoke her mind to former cast member Thomas Ravenel. But Danni really showed her true colors when she stood up for her friend, Kathryn Dennis, when she was attacked by Ravenel’s former girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.

As the current season was ready to launch, Baird, a professional artist, sat down with Decider to say that she has no qualms about speaking her mind, especially on behalf of a friend. Last season on a trip to Hilton Head Island, Jacobs started berating Kathryn, stepping far out of bounds for someone who was new to the group, and really didn’t know about the past relationships.

Ravenel’s nurse girlfriend was telling Dennis that she was a bad mother, making terrible accusations about the redhead’s parenting of her children, Kensie and Saint. Danni jumped up and addressed Ravenel, telling him that he needed to handle his date, but he just sat there smiling and listening to the interaction.

Southern Charm fans were shocked that the Danni they knew as levelheaded and polite was the friend that was taking charge.

Danni says that as the person who had known Ravenel the longest, she felt best suited to confront him.

“I know Thomas pretty well and I have no qualms going up to anybody and telling them how I feel. I try to filter myself but if I truly feel like something is not right, I’ll be damned, I’m gonna go up and tell you. And at that moment, I just could not handle it. It needed to stop. I mean, it didn’t help,” she said.

Baird has happily been a friend of the cast since Season 1, but recently found herself to be the subject of the drama when she got thrust into the breakup of Austen Kroll and his former girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, when it was revealed that there had been some texting contact between LeCroy and Baird’s boyfriend, Gentry. Baird was blindsided when Austen, Craig, and Shep called her from a bar to get her thoughts on an Instagram DM.

But even though Danni has been dragged into the spotlight this week, she can always retreat to her own happy place, which is her artwork, says The Inquisitr.

“Honestly, I literally am focusing on my career. Unfortunately, with artwork, you can’t rush it. Yeah, I’ve really just been focused on me. It was something I haven’t been attentive to in a while. So I’m just embracing it.”

Danni sells her artwork on Etsy at her virtual store, Danni Baird Designs, and is currently on deadline creating designs for Azure Swimwear. Something tells fans of the hit Bravo series that Baird will once again rise to the top.