‘Southern Charm’s’ Danni Baird Is Also An Amazing Artist

Fans of Southern Charm know Danni Baird as the best ride or die friend that anyone could have in a scrape with an unhinged blonde, but there is more to the soft-spoken beauty than meets the eye. In earlier seasons on the hit Bravo show, Southern Charm, Danni worked in the wine and spirits business, but she has put that behind her to focus full-time on her original artwork.

Danni immersed herself in her art after breaking off her engagement, says Bravo. The now full-time artist had moved to Greenville, South Carolina, for a time in anticipation of her marriage to Todd Baldree (his children live there), but their schedules and lifestyle were incompatible. Todd is never without his cell phone, and Danni can put hers aside for the whole day while she’s painting.

“His business schedule was just so crazy that I wouldn’t know what we would do the next day. And I’m somebody that if I’m painting, I could be painting for 12 hours straight, and I won’t look at my cell phone, I won’t read an email. And he’s the complete opposite like he has to have his cell phone on him like all the time. It became a little bit obvious that he was too go, go, go, go, and I really didn’t have an opportunity to do what I wanted to do. It wasn’t for lack of character; it was just basically life circumstance.”

Danni says that she still considers Todd one of her best friends and is currently doing a piece for him.

“I’m actually doing a painting for him right now. He and I are still very close. He’s an amazing person. I adore his kids. I even adore his ex-wife. I have a massive amount of respect for him, and I always will.”

Baird explains that she’s put dating aside for now and is throwing herself into her work and taking commissions.

“Honestly, I literally am focusing on my career. Unfortunately, with artwork, you can’t rush it. Yeah, I’ve really just been focused on me. It was something I haven’t been attentive to in a while. So I’m just embracing it.”

Danni sells her work through her own website, Danni Baird Designs and through her Etsy store. She explains that since childhood, she has always been an artist, and has a particular soft spot for animal art.

“I’ve always been an Artist, however since graduating college I have spent the last 10 years in the wine & spirits industry. Now at the age of 31, I have ceased that career to refocus on my true passion…painting and interior decorating.”

Recently Danni did a painting of Kathryn Dennis with her children at the trampoline park, Sky Zone, after Kathryn’s parenting was disparaged on the show by Ashley Jacobs. Thomas Ravenel’s controversial girlfriend said that Kathryn, Thomas, and the kids were never a family.

“Sure seems like a family to me.”

Danni Baird takes commissions and asks for approximately six to eight weeks of time to finish a project.

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