May 17, 2019
Sony And Mattel Finally Set A Release Date For 'Masters Of The Universe'

While his transformation usually only took mere seconds, it has taken a very long time for He-Man to find his way back to the big screen. Now, it seems as if the new live-action version of Masters of the Universe has found its time to enrich the minds of new audiences. Sony Pictures and Mattel Films have now set a release date for the film adaptation of the Mattel toy line, with the film's release being slated for early 2021.

Earlier this year, The Inquisitr reported that Masters of the Universe finally had a production start date, set for July. The film is going to begin filming in Prague, which means that its original release date -- one set long ago -- is simply not feasible.

As reported by Deadline, the movie was going to be released in theaters this Christmas season, but that certainly won't happen. Sony and Mattel have now set the release date for Masters of the Universe as March 5, 2021.

There really isn't a lot known about the movie as of this time, but it will be based on the popular '80s toy line and cartoon. Prince Adam was one of the most powerful men on the planet of Eternia, but his alter-ego, He-Man, was even stronger. He-Man did whatever it took to protect his people from the evil forces of Skeletor.

Noah Centineo is going to take on the role of Prince Adam/He-Man, but no other casting choices have been unveiled for Masters of the Universe at this time. One of the most anticipated aspects of the film for long-time fans is the potential to see which characters from the franchise end up in the film.

In the toy line and the cartoon, He-Man was often joined by Man-At-Arms, The Sorceress, Teela, and Orko. Along with other powerful friends, they would battle Skeletor and his army. Skeletor's allies often included Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, and Trap Jaw.

There has already been one live-action Masters of the Universe film, released in 1987. Dolph Lundgren starred as He-Man, and the movie also starred Frank Langella, James Tolkan, Courteney Cox, and others. The movie didn't necessarily follow along with the success of the toys and cartoon, which led to it making a mere $17 million in worldwide box office receipts.

Sony and Mattel feel as if a new generation of fans will join hardcore He-Man fans to make the new Masters of the Universe a success. Rumors have flown around about a new He-Man film being made for many years, but these discussions always ended up fading out. Now, the power of Grayskull is in full force, and it appears that the filming is set to begin.