‘Masters Of The Universe’ Has Finally Found A Filming Location And Has A Production Start Date

For many years, there has been talk of another He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film being made, but things have always jumped in the way to delay or stop it. After numerous delays and many of behind-the-camera changes, it appears as if things are going to be moving forward and He-Man will be brought to life. A filming location and a production start date have finally been revealed for the new live-action Masters of the Universe.

Reboots and remakes are going to continue and it isn’t necessarily that filmmakers have run out of ideas, but they know where the money is. Doing a film based off of an old cartoon or comic book property is a great way to bring in audiences that were fans of it when they were kids and want to feel nostalgic.

There really is no better property than He-Man and the Masters of the Universe which has been a comic book, animated cartoon series on a few occasions, live-action movie, and had a famous toy line. The content and characters are still popular which makes it perfect for a movie with today’s technological advances.

According to a tweet sent out by Production Weekly on Wednesday evening, Sony Pictures is finally able to push ahead with this project. Not only does Masters of the Universe have a filming location in Prague, but it also has a production start date which is in the not-too-distant future.

The movie, which is being directed by Aaron and Adam Nee, is set to begin its principal photography in mid-July. A release date is not yet known for Masters of the Universe, but a production start of this summer could mean that fans see it in theaters likely within the next two years.

Sony has actually been working on having Masters of the Universe created for a decade as the quest began back in 2009. As reported by the Inquisitr back in 2017, director McG ended up leaving the film and taking all of his ideas even though he was very passionate about the plans he had in mind.

The reboot actually had a release date at that point and Sony had it on the schedule for December 18. Now, that simply isn’t going to be possible, but the good news is that the movie is getting made at all.

Masters of the Universe has already had one live-action movie and it was released back in 1987. It was a rather strange film with Dolph Lundgren in the lead role of He-Man which saw him travel through time and space to go from Eternia to Earth and interact with Courteney Cox.

Yes, Courteney Cox.

The new script has been recently written by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum who have worked on Men In Black: International and Iron Man. David S. Goyer had written a draft of the script which won’t be fully used, but he is going to remain a producer.

Many fans are going to simply wait and make sure that a Masters of the Universe movie is actually being filmed until they get overly excited about it. Still, Sony Pictures having both a filming location and a production start date is more than He-Man has had in the past decade and that’s a powerful thing.

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