Fox News Poll Shows Biden Leading Trump By Double Digits, Also Buries Fading Bernie Sanders In Primary By 18

Since announcing his candidacy for the president on April 25, former Vice President Joe Biden has leaped into the lead not only in the 2020 Democratic primary race, but in the general election race head-to-head against Donald Trump as well, as The Inquisitr reported. But a new poll released on Thursday shows Biden not only increasing his lead, but bringing bad news for his closest competitor for the Democratic nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The poll, conducted on behalf of Fox News, was also encouraging for one other Democratic candidate — Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who gained five percentage points since a Fox News poll taken last month. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg also showed a five-point increase in the poll, but Warren and Buttigieg garnered only 9 percent and 6 percent support in the Fox poll, respectively.

But there were two candidates who will not be able to take anything but discouraging news from the Fox poll. One is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who continues to run a distant second behind Biden, but showed a precipitous drop of six points to come in at 17 percent, according to the poll results posted via Twitter.

Sanders trails Biden in the new poll by 18 points, which is closer than he stands in the Real Clear Politics average of all polls, which puts Biden on top of Sanders by 22.7 points. Biden's 35 percent share of voters in the poll is a four-point increase from the previous month's Fox poll.

Bernie Sanders looks worried.
Getty Images | Alex Wong
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sees his chances at the Democratic nomination fading in a new Fox News poll.

While Trump has shown that white voters without a college degree are his "base," winning 71 percent of that demographic in the 2016 presidential election, as The Inquisitr has reported, Sanders also appear to draw his strongest support from the same group, taking 23 percent of the "white non-college" voters in the poll, as posted on Twitter by CNN polling expert Harry Enten.

But Biden claims 40 percent support from that demographic, as well as 23 percent of white voters who did graduate college, per the Fox poll. Sanders takes 13 percent of the white college voters, a point behind Warren, who claims 14 percent of that demographic.

Joe Biden gives a speech.
Getty Images | Spencer Platt
Former Vice President Joe Biden shows no signs of losing his lead in the 2020 presidential race.

The Fox News poll, posted online in full on the document archive site Scribd, also spells bad new for Trump, finding that 42 percent of voters believe that he should be impeached and removed from office, while only 28 percent said that they will "definitely" vote for Trump in the 2020 election — and 46 percent said they will "definitely" vote for "someone else."

If the 2020 general election were held today, according to the Fox poll, Biden would defeat Trump by 11 percentage points, 49-38. Sanders would also defeat Trump, but by only five points, 46-41. Warren would hold a slim two-point lead over Trump, taking 43 percent of the vote, to 41 percent for Trump.