Gigi Hadid’s Twitter Account Was Hacked & Racist Tweets Were Posted

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Yes, model Gigi Hadid’s Twitter account was hacked, and no, the racist tweets were not posted by her. Hadid is sending a message to all of her followers that she has changed her password and gotten her account back under her control.

The Daily Mail said that Hadid’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday by someone who filled her page with random racist messages that shocked her fans.

Just a few of the messages praised Germany and Donald Trump.

“Yall n***** on some other s***, I wish Germany won World War II, Hitler did nothing wrong,” a tweet read.

Just in case her fans hadn’t figured it out, the supermodel posted a note about the alleged hacking.

“Hope it goes without saying… my Twitter was hacked,” Hadid explained.

Hadid’s hacker also invited her followers to a meet and greet, and even though the model has marched against Donald Trump’s immigration policies, the person tweeted that Donald Trump is the best president, and she plans to vote for him in the next election.

After Gigi Hadid regained control of her social media, she sent a message out thanking fans for not jumping to conclusions and thinking that she would tweet such hateful messages.

“Secured my Twitter, folks. Thanks for rallying for me. Joke’s on the hacker… I don’t use Twitter DM’s,” she wrote.

Gigi Hadid and her sister, Bella, both have a huge social media following, but recently, information surfaced about a controversy involving their mother, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid, says The Inquisitr.

A video started making the rounds from Yolanda’s time on RHOBH where she was caught on camera giving her daughters a hard time about dieting and weight gain. Fans reacted on social media calling Yolanda “horrible and scary” for seeming to force Gigi in particular into modeling, and criticizing her for playing volleyball which she said would make the model look masculine and “bulky.”

Yolanda also said that for years she thought Gigi might be a lesbian because of her love of sports and her interest in wearing basketball jerseys. When Gigi said that she was going to break her diet for her birthday dinner, her mother gave her a hard time, saying that if she wanted to model in Europe, she needed to be thinner.

“You can have one night of being bad, right. Then you gotta get back on your diet because, you know, in Paris and Milan they like the girls just a tad on the skinny side,” Yolanda told her.