‘RHOBH’ Star Yolanda Hadid Called ‘Scary’ For Pressuring Gigi & Bella To Diet

In old clips from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Hadid shows a less-than-sweet side of herself when trying to relate to her daughters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, pushing them to diet and go into modeling the way she did when she was younger back in Holland.

The Daily Mail says that before the Hadid sisters were household names, they appeared occasionally on the RHOBH alongside their mother, then Yolanda Foster (when she was married to musician David Foster). But after Bravo shared clips, some of which that hadn’t previously aired, of Yolanda and the girls, fans of the show labeled her “horrible and scary” for seeming to body shame her daughters.

Hadid had some hardcore thoughts about diet, staying thin, and the right kind of exercise. Yolanda discouraged Gigi from playing volleyball at school because it would make her “bulky.”

“Volleyball is a very masculine sport. Modeling a very feminine thing.”

In the testimonials, Yolanda seems more invested in her daughters becoming models than they are, talking about the things that they need to give up to be successful.

“She’s gotta start building her career and that means sometimes we have to give up the things that we love to do. These girls they train four hours a day after school so their bodies are big and bulky. I mean, they eat like men. I wanted her to develop as a woman.”

Gigi shares that she used to wear basketball clothes to school every day when she was little, and Yolanda says she thought that her daughter was gay.

“I thought that my daughter was a… lesbian.”

Many of the scenes revolve around food or talking about dieting. On Gigi’s birthday, she is excited to break her diet and enjoy her dinner. Yolanda reminds her that she needs to stay skinny if she wants to be a success in Europe.

“You can have one night of being bad, right. Then you gotta get back on your diet because, you know, in Paris and Milan they like the girls just a tad on the skinny side.”

Yolanda boasts that because they keep their diet in check, she and her girls wear the same size, and she talks to the girls about the benefits of eating a salad every day, and not eating any sugar. But in a confusing scene, Yolanda has a cake made for Gigi’s high school graduation with a photo of her modeling and looking thin on the top. When her daughter wants to eat a slice, Yolanda seems to shame her.

On social media, RHOBH fans called Yolanda Hadid “mean,” saying that she is everything that is wrong with stage parents, making their children feel like they aren’t OK just the way they are.

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