Jill Duggar Is Slammed For Giving Lemons To Her Son, But Some Fans Think It Means She’s Pregnant

Jill Duggar just can’t seem to share a picture or video without some kind of controversy or harsh words thrown her way. She gets reprimanded quite frequently over her parenting skills. Now some people have decided to give her a stern lesson on lemons and teeth after a photo was posted on Thursday.

The former reality star’s son, Israel, was having a snack of lemons with a little salt sprinkled on them. Jill shared the cute snap on her Instagram account of the 4-year-old smiling for the camera with a slice of lemon in front of him. He appeared to enjoy his unique snack. However, there were quite a few comments stating that the Duggar daughter shouldn’t be giving lemons to her son because the acid would strip off the enamel on his teeth.

Duggar fans were quick to come to her rescue letting the naysayers know that they also love to eat lemons and have never had any problems with their teeth. Many of them eat the exact same combination of lemons and salt. It certainly is a different snack for kids, but Israel seems to love it.

There is also something that may be of significance to this ordeal on eating lemons and salt. This may just be a strong hint that Jill Duggar could possibly be expecting baby number three, according to an eagle-eyed fan. They pointed out that the mom-of-two has always said that she craves salted lemons when she is pregnant. Could this be an indication that she is the fifth Duggar girl to be having a baby?

There may have been another hint that someone else is expecting. Earlier this month, Anna Duggar, who is currently pregnant with baby number six, had sent out a throwback photo of herself, Jill, and Joy-Anna when they were all three expecting at the same time. She had also snuck in what could be considered a hint of more babies to come, according to a previous report by The Inquisitr. She wondered how many more announcements there would be before her bundle of joy arrives in the fall.

Duggar fans were quick on the draw to consider that this may have been an indication that there would be more baby news coming soon. Between Anna’s post and Jill eating lemons and salt, fans may have just put two and two together.

If Jill Duggar is pregnant again, everyone will know soon enough. The 19 Kids and Counting family is expanding by leaps and bounds all of a sudden.

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