Anna Duggar Posts Throwback Photo, Fans Think She Is Hinting At More Baby Announcements

Anna Duggar just recently announced that she and husband Josh are expecting their sixth child in the fall. She is certainly not the only pregnant one in the family as there are three other girls who are with child. The former 19 Kids and Counting star shared a throwback snapshot on Thursday that has fans wondering if she was hinting on more pregnancy announcements in the near future.

The Duggar daughter-in-law posted the picture via Instagram of herself standing in between her sisters-in-law, Joy-Anna Forsyth and Jill Dillard. They were all three pregnant at the same time. This was taken in 2017 right before Jill gave birth to Samuel, her second baby. She looked about ready to pop at that time. Anna had her fifth child in September of that year. Joy was just pregnant, barely even showing yet.

Anna had reminded everyone that there are now four Duggar girls who are expecting babies. Those four are Jessa, who is due next month; Kendra; Anna; and now Joy-Anna. She then followed that up with a question that has fans wondering if she meant it as a hint that maybe some of the other couples are pregnant as well.

“I wonder how many more new cousins will be announced before our little one arrives?!?!”

She may have meant that it’s always a possibility when so many of the Duggars are growing their families. However, her fans seem to think that this is her way of saying that another couple or two are already expecting a baby.

“Way to not-so-subtly imply that there are others who have fallen pregnant but are just waiting to announce. *cough*LaurenandAbbie*cough*,” one fan wrote on Anna’s timeline.

There were other similar comments made that are guessing the same thing. Of course, Anna Duggar isn’t due until November, so that gives plenty of time for more babies to be conceived. The only three couples left would be Josiah and Lauren, John and Abbie, and Jill and Derick. Wouldn’t that be something if all of the Duggar women were pregnant at the same time? Of course, that would have to happen in the next month since Jessa is due in June.

Most of the Duggars are currently in Texas for a family conference. According to the family’s official Facebook page, they are taking advantage of camping and getting to spend time with family and friends while there.

Was Anna Duggar really hinting that more babies are on the way already? Keep on the lookout for more baby announcements if that does prove to be true.

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