Alyssa Milano Calls For Sex Strike Over Reproductive Rights

Rich FuryGetty Images

Alyssa Milano is taking a stand against a controversial Georgia law criminalizing abortion in the state. The actress is calling for a Sex Strike on Twitter, asking her followers and women around the country to join her by abstaining from sex until they get their “bodily autonomy back.”

“Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on,” Alyssa tweeted.

Along with the caption, Alyssa shared a logo for her movement, which features a large pink X with the hashtag “#SexStrike” in the middle. The logo also included the phrase “if our choices are denied, so are yours.”

The new tweet from Alyssa has been retweeted over 8,300 times and currently has 23,000 likes. A hefty debate ensued in the comment section of the tweet, which saw an astonishing 22,000 comments.

While many slammed Alyssa for suggesting women hold men hostage over this debate, others began applauding her for recognizing abstinence as a form of birth control. One Twitter user expressed his gratitude for a pro-choice celebrity acknowledging abstinence, while another thanked Alyssa for bringing up this particular form of birth control which they said would “most certainly contribute to ending abortion.”

Others clapped back at Alyssa, by saying condoms and birth control pills were not outlawed with this new bill. She was even accused of spreading propaganda in the comment section when a Twitter user reminded her that she had lost no rights. The Charmed actress is standing strong in her convictions by re-tweeting with those who agree with her, while also reminding those on the platform that she is standing up for basic women’s rights to make choices about their own health.

According to The Wrap, earlier this week Alyssa encouraged entertainment production companies to move out of the state of Georgia for passing the “heartbeat bill.” The actress’ own show, Insatiable, is produced in the Peach State and Alyssa said she is working her hardest to move production out of Georgia to stand against Governor Brian Kemp.

“Obviously, those who are already contractually obligated to be there should fight to get their show out of Georgia while continuing their contractual obligation. I have to be there for another three weeks but you can be sure I will fight tooth and nail to move Insatiable to a state that will protect our rights. And if it doesn’t move to another state, I will not be able to return to the show if we are blessed with a third season. This is my leverage. I will use it for the betterment of society and our great country.”