WWE Rumors: ‘Many’ More Wrestlers Are Unhappy With WWE But Have Yet To Tell Their Stories, Per Dave Meltzer


Aside from the ongoing problems of poor ratings and arguably questionable booking, WWE has also dealt with numerous personnel losses in the current year. For example, wrestlers such as Dean Ambrose, Tye Dillinger, TJP, and Goldust have all left the company in recent months. Meanwhile, the likes of Sasha Banks and Luke Harper are currently locked in an impasse with WWE, with the company reportedly refusing to let them quit before the expiration date of their respective contracts. There could be more names to come, however, as the latest rumors suggest that there are several wrestlers quietly stewing backstage as part of WWE’s “unhappy middle.”

On Friday, WhatCulture cited the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, where the subscriber-only publication’s editor, Dave Meltzer, wrote that there are “many” wrestlers in what he referred to as the “unhappy middle” that have yet to publicly confirm their disappointment with their current status in WWE. No specific wrestlers were mentioned in the report, but WhatCulture speculated that the new rumors are a sign that the “backstage turmoil” in the WWE locker room is “far from over.”

As further noted by Meltzer, WWE’s new Wild Card Rule was announced on this week’s Monday Night Raw so that the biggest names in the company could work on both Raw and SmackDown Live. While it was pointed out that such a move has led to a deeper main event picture on top of the card, potentially allowing for more diverse matchups, Meltzer added that the Wild Card Rule could also reduce opportunities for WWE’s mid-card performers, thus resulting in more unhappy wrestlers either asking for their release or going public with their dissatisfaction in their place on the card.

So far, Smark Out Moment’s list of WWE “future endeavors” for 2019 shows more than 10 names that were released by the company since the start of the year. This includes several main roster and developmental talents, as well as veteran road agent Arn Anderson, who was fired in February for allegedly allowing a wrestler to compete while intoxicated, as reported previously by The Inquisitr.

Although some of the wrestlers who reportedly asked to be released by WWE earlier this year have seemingly been convinced to stick it out, WhatCulture noted that this hasn’t gone well for performers such as The Revival, the former Raw Tag Team Champions who are currently being “humiliated” on the red brand’s programming. As for Banks, Harper, and Lio Rush, the outlet explained that all three have been removed from WWE television after their attempts to leave the company.