Woman Impaled By An Umbrella After Accidental Fall

freak drunken accident leaves woman impaled by umbrella

Hertfordshire, England – In a freak drunken accident, 22-year-old Jessica Yates fell and was impaled by an umbrella. One of the metal spokes skewered straight through her right nostril and gum and into her mouth when Yates took a tumble off a hotel bed and landed on a discarded umbrella.

Yates and her friend Laura Sullivan had spent the night out drinking at several bars prior to returning to their hotel room at 2 am. They returned in pouring rain. Yates tossed the pocket-sized umbrella (informally referred to as a brolly) onto the floor.

In one unfortunate, clumsy moment Yates collapsed on the bed, promptly fell off, and landed face first in the up-ended umbrella. Yates did not initially feel the pain or even realize to a full extent what exactly had happened, according to the Daily Mail, because of her inebriated state. Yates sat up and the umbrella oddly followed. She felt the entrance wound and noticed blood on her hand.

Sullivan called 999 (England’s version of 911 emergency response). Yates met paramedics with the entire black-and-green umbrella protruding from her face. She was taken to the hospital.

Medics managed to externally cut away most of the brolly, leaving behind a six-inch section of the rod still embedded in Yates’s face.

Luckily Yates was spared having to endure facial reconstructive surgery but still had to undergo general anesthesia and have the spoke surgically extracted. Yates was discharged with a few stitches and now has a half-inch forget me not scar by her nose.