Tiffany Moss Gets Death Penalty For Starving Her 10-Year-Old Stepdaughter To Death

Doug Smith. - Florida Department of Corrections Wikimedia Commons(GPL Aaron Homer)

A Georgia woman has been sentenced to death for torturing and starving to death her 10-year-old stepdaughter, Emani Moss, and then throwing her body into a trash can.

As Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports, on Tuesday a jury recommended the death penalty in the case of Tiffany Moss, 36. On Wednesday, Gwinnett Superior Court Judge George Hutchinson agreed to the recommendation.

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week, in October 2013 Moss called her husband, Eman Moss, to tell him that Tiffany had died. He testified that when he got home, he found Emani lying on the bedroom floor, dead, covered in a blanket.

“She was dead, She was cold. Her essence wasn’t there. She was gone.”

Eman Moss, who himself is serving life in prison without parole for helping Tiffany dispose of Emani’s body, gave jurors three hours of harrowing testimony about what Tiffany did to the young lady. So gruesome was his testimony that some jurors gasped and covered their faces as he was speaking.

WARNING: The next few paragraphs contain content that may be disturbing to some readers.

A year after marrying Eman Moss, Tiffany beat Emani so severely that she was taken from her home and placed into the care of relatives. Emani’s grandmother, Robin Moss, says that the little girl “flourished” when in her care. And when the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services returned the girl to her father and stepmother, Robin tried to fight it, according to The Gwinnett Daily Post.

Once back in Eman and Tiffany’s home, things got worse. Tiffany removed Emani from public school and then began to starve her. The young lady weighed 32 pounds at the time of her death, roughly the weight of an average toddler.

After finding her daughter dead, Eman and Tiffany kept her decomposing body in the home for a few days while Eman went to work. Eventually, however, the two decided to dispose of the body. Eman says that by this time, rigor mortis had set in so badly that when he wrapped her body in duct tape in order to compress it to fit in a trash can, it made cracking noises.

They then put her body in a trash can, drove to a wooded area with the couple’s living children, and attempted to cremate the body using charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid. When that failed, Eman put the trash can, with Emani’s body inside it, in the back of his truck, and drove around with it for a few days.

He eventually turned himself into police.

During her trial, Tiffany moss acted as her own attorney. She did not take the stand or call any witnesses.

She is now the only woman on Georgia’s death row, and if executed, she will be only the third woman executed in Georgia’s history.